Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Saturday Tip - Queries & Agents Etiquette Stuff

I've been making the rounds around the Internet visiting various agent blogs. I've also submitted some queries in my day.

Here's my thoughts: If you're serious about your writing, then you'll GET serious about sending out a query that is a quality query.

Tip #1 - Leave your EGO at the door. Be pleasent when writing a query. Don't haress agents and don't send out mass email queries that sound generic. When you write a query, write with that agent in mind.

Taken from BookEnds, LLC:

Every single agent on earth is included in the “to” section of the email. I know you’re querying widely, heck, I tell you to query widely, but at least make us all think you’re querying us individually or that you care who might become your agent. I don’t bother to even respond to these emails, they just get deleted.

I really like BookEnds. They've got a great blog, update it often, and the agents there, Jessica, Jacky, and Kim are down to Earth and honest. If you you're just starting out, I suggest you hang out with their blog for a week, just to get to know the climate of querying.

Tip #2 - Which goes along with tip #1. Be humble. Good manners always gets results. Be pleasant. Throwing a fit or calling an agent names will not get results.

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