Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday News from the Publishing World

Barnes and Nobles has been in the news lately as they try to expand their markets in this tight economy. My source for the following information is Publisher's Weekly. You can access their website at:


Barnes and Nobles just acquired Barnes and Noble College Booksellers. I'm not quite sure how this will effect the College Booksellers per se, I'll be looking to see what happens here.

Barnes and Nobles is also planning to open an online store, much like Amazon that will focus on selling - ebooks. Yes, Barnes and Nobles is getting back into Ebooks. B&N were into ebooks from 2000-2003, but then got out in 2003 when they determined the ebook market was sluggish. Now, the market has been revitialized with the Amazon Kindle. To that end, they are developing what they call the PLASTIC LOGIC READER - their verison of Amazon's Kindle. It should be available sometime next year. I'll keep my eyes out for that as well.

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