Thursday, August 20, 2009

Romantic Settings - California Wine Country

Thursday is my California day and unfortunately, I haven't been able to blog about Calfornia the past couple of weeks. This week I'm making the time and I'm going to tie it into a writing "theme" - setting.

Setting is so important in a story. It sets mood, tone, and the background that your characters are going to be playing in. For me, researching a setting before writing is so important. It helps bring an authencity to the story. How does this fit into California? California can inspire the perfect setting. The above picture was taken in Nov 2007 when my family went up north to Napa Valley. The view is from the top of Sterling Winery looking down into the Napa Valley. Sigh... I find California Wine Country very inspirational for my writing.
California has great gifts - a long seacost, the Heart Castle near San Simeon, Wine Country, and San Fransisco. I live near Los Angeles, and it's pretty crowded, but there are plenty of places in Southern California that can inspire one - Catalina Island for one.
All the above locations I mentioned inspire my "romantic" muse. I have the rough idea to write a romance that takes place in the late 1930's near in the heart of Napa Valley. Sigh... If only I could find the time to write it.
The first time I saw Sonoma and Napa Counties I fell instantly in love. It reminded me of home with all it's greenery. And there's something about wine and grapes I find romantic.
Did I tell you I loved "Bottle Shock?"
So when getting ready to write your story, give your setting extra thought. Research. Visit it if you can. You'll find it'll pay off.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on setting and what you think is romantic. Smiles.

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