Friday, October 16, 2015

Why did you buy that Romance? Because of the Title!

There is no charm equal to the tenderness of the heart.
--Jane Austen.

Why did you read that romance?

The title sucked me in.


What catches our eye first? I thought I'd explore how romantic titles suck us in and dare us to read them.

Why did you pick up that romance story? Was it the title? Did it intrigue you?

Coming up with a title for your story is never easy. The main ingredient: Your title should never be dull. After all, what entices you more to read: "Gone with the Wind" or "The Plantation?"

A title should be easy to remember and appropriate to your story. "Romeo and Juliet" is a good example. It's easy and puts the main characters front and center.

Everyone knows "Pretty Woman." Julia Roberts is a hooker with a heart of gold. The title is easy to remember and describes Roberts' character, Vivian, inside and out – she truly is a pretty woman. The challenge (or conflict) is finding a way out of her predicament.

The best titles reflect the tone of the story and are found in the context of the writing. The more clear and clever the title, the better.

A story title represents your work to the rest of the world so pick well and show off your interesting side. 


Tell me what Title caught your attention:

#1 - Devil in Winter  by Lisa Kleypas

#2 - Chilled   by Kendra Elliot

#3 - The Rogue you Know   by Shana Galen

#4 - Stranger in the Moonlight  by Jude Deveraux 


  1. I like the Rogue You Know. It sounds more intriguing than the others, but close second is Stranger in the Moonlight.

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