Sunday, October 18, 2015

Snippet Sunday: Twilight Over Moldavia, paranormal romance! #snippetsunday

Hi all, I'm participating in the Weekend Warriors Snippet Sunday. This month, I'll be taking snippets from my paranormal romance, Twilight Over Moldavia . You can find the Weekend Warriors Snippet Sunday list at:

About this excerpt: "It" is revealed...


Caroline was the best horsewoman in Ploiesti and the best archer in Carpathia -- quite an accomplishment for being only sixteen. The fresh air invigorated her, and she had a mission today. 

To find her deceased sister's heirloom scarf.

Edwina had been two years older than Caroline, and Carpathia's crown princess. Their mother, the queen, had groomed her for the position. Her embroidery had been flawless, her dancing elegant, and her manners impeccable. 

Caroline was her parents' second daughter. Her embroidery was pitiful, her dancing, passable, and her manners were a little stiff. 

**This snippet has been modified to fit the 8 sentence requirement.**

Romanian unification is on the horizon and the spirited Crown Princess of Carpathia, Caroline, would prefer to ride horses and archery to embroidery and dancing. Complicating her life is her recent discovery that she's a witch. 

Prince Stefan Sigmaringen travels to Carpathia to meet Caroline. He discovers he has much in common with her. He also learns that a strange man, Timon, has an unnatural interest in him.

Upon Stefan's engagement, he overhears his mother confessing to a horrible secret – she cursed him in order to conceive him and Stefan will become a werewolf when he turns eighteen. There is a condition to overcome the curse, but it will require Stefan to draw on all his inner strength and Caroline, her courage. Can they break the foul enchantment and secure their future or will Stefan give himself over to the lupine curse that haunts his family? 

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4 Stars, InD'Tales Magazine JUL/AUG 2013
Burkhart does a fantastic job crafting all different kinds of loving relationships that endear the reader to her characters. - Sofia St. Angeles

5 Stars, Long & Short Book Reviews
Twilight Over Moldavia is even better than the first book in the series. It is an excellent story filled with just the right balance of romance, magic, and danger.

5 Hearts, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
The twisting story line will keep your nose in the book until you have finished. Stephanie's ability to add suspense and mystery to romances gives her stories all the more depth. If you love werewolf stories, romances, or a good book, I recommend Twilight Over Moldavia.



  1. Poor Caroline has a serious case of 'no womanly virtues' - just my kind of heroine!

  2. Enjoying the story, can't wait to find out what's so significant about the scarf. Putting my Moderator hat on to deliver good news - we do allow up to ten sentences nowadays - whee! Great snippet!

  3. Hmm. Why is archery skill important when looking for a scarf? You've got me wondering.

  4. Kim, yes, that's Caroline. :)
    Veronica, yay!! 10 sentences! That's great news.
    Ed, it's a talent that Caroline has. She couldn't knit a scarf to save her life, but it is important to someone in her life so she must find the scarf.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!