Monday, October 19, 2015

Autumn in California 2015 #autumn

The other day I went with my younger son to pick Pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch.  Sadly, our favorite ranch, Lombardi, was closed this year.  They didn't have enough water to water and grow their plants.  A big bummer.

Veggie stand on the 126

Anyhoo...we got to Filmore and found the PumpkinLiner.  It was a 45 minute train ride to the pumpkin patch! How could we refuse?

Here's a view of the mountains as we traveled to the pumpkin patch...

It doesn't really look like autumn here in California, does it?  No rustic leaves, no overcast skies, no linger fog.  But that's okay.  This is what Autumn in Southern California looks like.  It's warm (even a bit humid today) sunny, and plenty of green leaves on the trees.  But we do have pumpkins.  Enjoy the following pictures from Lombardi Ranch..




Question: Where do you go for your pumpkins? 


  1. So sad not enough water. Love the train idea, though. Sometimes, I pick some up at the grocery story. There are several churches that sell pumpkins for fundraisers.

  2. I love fall. Sorry to hear about your favorite ranch. The severe drought out west is very alarming, and I really hope you all get some steady rain soon. Your family is adorable. PumpkinLiner...Oh, what fun! Thanks for sharing your Southern Cal autumn with us. :-)

  3. I don't buy pumpkins. But our MI family does. Making Jack-o-Lanterns is a family tradition. The train sound like fun!

  4. Vicki, this year we'll be buying grocery store pumpkins. They look better than the pumpkin stands I saw.

    J.M., the Pumpkinliner was fun. I would definately do it again.

    Celia, Brent likes to make jack o lanterns, too and the boys help out. They look forward to it. Sigh... this year a lot of our "traditions" haven't been quite the same. This year, no Thanksgiving at my house. Personally, I'm happy to have the break, but I'm not sure how the break in tradition will go with the boys.


  5. I usually get a small pie pumpkin from the grocery store. I make a mean pumpkin dip. Yum! It is very different in California than Michigan. We have so many colors on the trees and with the recent chilly weather, the leaves are now falling on the ground!