Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book Review Tuesday - Superman by Larry Tye #bookreview #superman

Book Review for: Superman
Written by Larry Tye
Random House
ISBN: 978-0-8129-8077-6
Avail: ebook & print
5 Stars

Tye pens an engaging comprehensive history of the Man of Steel - Superman. Tye shows us the spark of inspiration shared by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster and how the two were drawn together to give Superman substance. Tye also gives the reader a peak into Superman's media history and the actors who portrayed him.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster were two youngsters who toiled for years working out the details of Superman. Jerry lost his dad at a young age and was inspired to create the Man of Steel from his loss over his father. Jerry found Joe whose artwork gave Superman life. It took a Herculean effort to get their character in print, but once there, Superman resonated with readers young and old, becoming an instant hit and moneymaker.  Superman's publishers, Liebowitz and Dronefield swindled Siegel and Schuster out of their rights, ensuring Superman's creators to a life of struggles.

While Jerry and Joe struggled to pay bills and receive their just recognition as Superman's creators, their Man of Steel became a media success story, first with comics, then radio, TV, and finally the movie screen. Tye points out that Superman has resonated with generations of readers since his creation because he appeals to our best values, truth, justice, and right over wrong. Superman stops the bad guys and inspires his readers/viewers to do their best to over come obstacles. For me, that's certaintly the appeal of the character.  

Tye's writing style is crisp and easy to read. The storyline follows a natural progression that keeps the reader flipping the pages, wanting to know what happens next.

This Superman novel is a pop culture history and is filled with human heroes and villains. I'm not a big Superman fan, but the story of his endurance and appeal strikes to the heart of every reader. The novel is suited for 10-year-old and up. You don't have to be a Superman fan to enjoy this very human story behind the Man of Steel and his creators. I highly recommend this book. 

Find out more about the book and how to order it from: http://www.larrytye.com

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