Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome Joanna Aislinn & The Packers to the Football Blog Tour Stop!

JOANNA: Hi Steph. What a fun and original idea! Thanks so much for having me. Had you offered this opportunity a year ago, I would have let it go wayside. (Those who know me know I’m a BIG Rafa Nadal—oops! I mean tennis ☺—fan.) I’m newly ‘into’ football; started following and understanding a bit more after my sons signed up for two seasons of rec league play. My younger guy watches a lot of television related to the game so I’ve learned a lot and can get really excited during games. I mean, I watch the game during the Super Bowl.

On to your questions:

STEPH: So, Who is your favorite football team?

JOANNA: As a kid, I liked the Miami Dolphins b/c my brother did. These days, I follow the Giants (have to know what the home team is doing); I keep up with the Colts (my son’s favorite team) and the Cowboys (my brother’s choice). But: I now call myself an Aaron Rodgers (oops! I mean, Green Bay Packers) fan!

STEPH: Who is your favorite player playing now?

JOANNA: Cool, calm, collected Aaron Rodgers—and he’s got that green-eyed, dark-haired thing going on (like the hubby’s—before hubby went all salt-and-pepper on me ☺).

STEPH: Who is your favorite all time player?

JOANNA: Don’t have one. But I happen to have been quite charmed by the likes of Jason Taylor and Warren Sapp during their stints on Dancing with the Stars. And I admire Doug Flutie’s advocating for children with autism.

STEPH: Who is your team's "evil" nemesis?

JOANNA: Will have to get back to that one. Haven’t been following long enough yet!

STEPH: Have you been to a game?

JOANNA: Only the kids’ games. What’s it like? I bite my nails hoping no one gets hurt.

STEPH: Do you have a jersey?

JOANNA: No jersey, but I did buy a Giants winter jacket last November. They started losing that following Sunday.

STEPH: What's your favorite football food?

JOANNA: Nachos? (Hint of lime, cheese, sour cream, salsa—mild; guacamole)

My debut novel: A sweet romance/first love story entitled No Matter Why is available from The Wild Rose Press.

Here’s what it’s about: Trust and stability became empty words the day motherless, sixteen-year-old Carrie Norwell came home to find her brothers murdered. Within moments, her father arrived and his heart gave out at the scene. Five years later, is it any wonder the walls with which she’s barricaded her heart are virtually impenetrable to anyone looking to get close and offer what she wants more than anything? The security only a loving family can give? Or someone with whom to build her own?

Billy Jay Eldridge wants to offer exactly that to the right girl. Operating on a heart and spirit rivaled only by his looks, he’s two years out of college and where he thought he wanted to be, managing a store at the assistant level and on his way up the chain of command. He toys daily however, with the idea of a major career move that promises to make nobler use of his God-given talents. Neither did he think he’d blur the fine line between supervisor and peer to the young ladies in his charge—that is, until shy, quiet Carrie joins his crew. Intrigued and charmed by the girl’s haunted eyes and withdrawn ways he sets out to know her better, clueless that his life’s calling will be the biggest setback to getting her to accept from him what she wants and needs most.

This is what friends and fans thought of No Matter Why! (Scroll down past the first review on the page please.)

Steph, thanks again for inviting me to your virtual ‘tailgate party’! Best of luck with all your writing endeavors! Hope to see you at my blog soon!

Speaking of visits, I love virtual company. If you liked what you read today, please do drop by my website and blog!

Take care everyone--Joanna


  1. As Steph knows by now, I know practically nothing about football. Yes, my son dragged me twice to the Cincinnati Bengals and was patient enough to explain every move and win. I also won the bets at a neighbors' party--pure luck since I just chose names without knowing the guys. Now talk about tennis and I'm your girl.

    Joanna, I enjoyed your book's premise.

  2. Tennis? Sigh...Mona... I'm not good tennis. Joanna's book does have a great premise doesn't it?


  3. Hi Ladies,

    Just getting in after an overnight at my cottage out in the PA mountains. (No wireless connectivity at all :(

    Mona, I'm ready to talk tennis at any time! THAT's my absolute favorite sport. I don't fully understand football, but I can follow a game and even get excited over it.

    Thanks so much for having me here, Steph. This was fun!