Thursday, October 13, 2011

News From the Writing World - A Look at the Amazon Fire

The Kindle Fire will be released on 15 NOV 2011 and is Amazon's answer to the tablet. It's biggest competitor is the Ipad.

What makes the Kindle Fire appealing is its $199.00 price tag. That sure beats the mininum $499.00 Ipad price. So how does it compare as a tablet?

The Fire will have 7" screen. (The Ipad has a 9" screen.) The smaller screen is one of the reasons the price is lower. The Fire's screen will be touch sensitive and have color. Overall, the Fire will be lighter and smaller than the Ipad.

**The Fire won't have a camera.

**The Fire is Wi-Fi Only.

**The Fire has 8 hours battery life.

**The Fire has 8 G's of storage.

**The Fire won't have a microphone.

**The Fire will have availiability to music, movies, tv shows, and apps through Amazon Prime (Amazon's verison of ITunes.)

If you don't want all the bells and whistles of an Ipad, the Fire is a reasonably priced alternative. While I prefer 3G, the Fire has enough "pros" (vs cons) for me to deal with Wi-Fi. Quite honestly, I don't need a camera or microphone and a 7" screen is fine for me. I'm looking forward to it's release. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Fire.

So, who's interested in buying the Amazon Fire? Why or Why Not?


  1. I'm interested in buying the Kindle Fire. It's so pretty and a good price. *grins* I don't need a camera or microphone with it. I have my laptop, a digital camera, and my smart phone for that. I wish it had a longer battery life, but that's okay. I don't need to watch that much TV/movies/read at one time. I haven't pre-ordered it yet, but I will likely do that soon.

  2. Interesting comparison on these. I'm considering a move to this kind of software next year, so I'm beginning to read reviews. Thanks for providing this.

  3. Steph--I just read about the Kindle Fire on your newsletter. Interesting little gadget, but I won't get one. An iPad didn't interest me, either. My days are filled now with electronic things--computer, Kindle, and phone (which is not used much.) But I like the description of it--if I'd ever been tempted to buy an iPad, I would get the Fire instead.Thanks for the information.

  4. Thanks Steph for the info, I am thinking about a Kindle. I have my dear old Sony. But can't read kindle format on it.

  5. I have the fire on pre-order. I decided to go that route when I saw the new iPhone. I might be able to justify one bit Apple purchase, but not two. :-)

  6. We've ordered two of them as Christmas gifts for our daughters. We're hoping they work as well as predicted. I love my Kindle 3, so hope they like the Fire as well.

  7. thanks so much for this information. I feel overwhelmed by the iPad, though others love it. This Kindle Fire does seem like a good alternative. However, I was amazed when recently on vacation I watched a woman take pictures with her iPad. I have a camera, though. :)
    So many choices. It really drives me nuts.

  8. Cherie, I'm like you, Sweetie. I don't need all those bells & whistles. I want the Fire for an ebook reader primarily. I can live with the battery life. The big appeal for me is the price. That's affordable in my book.

    Kayelle, you're welcome. I do enjoy my ebook reader, but the specs on the main sites are hard to wade through. I tried to give a practicaly presentation that many authors and readers can understand.

    Celia, I agree in that I think the Fire is a good bang for your buck over the Kindle. I wouldn't call myself a techie geek, but my husband loves stuff like this and gives me the basics so I keep up to date.

    Mona, the big plus about the Sony is that you don't need a PDF conversation. (At least from my understanding) and PDFs are the dominant ebook reader format.

    Keena, ditto. My iphone is awesome and I don't really need an ipad given that I have my iphone. The Fire will give me what I need in that area and the iphone will do the rest.

    Caroline, I think it's a great call. I've been assured by my husband the Fire will be a Christmas gift, but we have to save a wee bit more before he can order it.

    Lynne, I'm glad you found the information useful. I do enjoy an ipad, I have friends who have them, but my iphone has a camera that can take video too and a microphone. I don't need the dup in the ipad. Apple products are a cut above the rest. You get a quality product for what you pay for, my iphone has all the features I want so I don't necessarily need the ipad. I wouldn't discourage anyone from getting one though if they wanted one because it's plenty of fun.


  9. Thank you for posting this information. With all the eBook readers out there, this helps cut down on some of the confusion. I have the "old" Kindle which I love dearly. I'm an avid writer and reader. But I found myself drawn to the new Kindle Fire - it's that darn fascination with color. I'm a Pisces and I love color and bling. So, like some of the previous commentors, I hope Fire lives up to the fan fare. Good Lord, I don't need a camera or a microphone. I've got enough extras on my iPhone - and I'm still getting used to that after 2 years! Part of the reason I'm getting this is that I don't have cable and I'm interested in the Amazon Prime TV offerings. On a final note, I do believe eBooks and eBook readers are the wave of the future, so I'm acclimatating myself early. The last 2 books I released are eBooks, so I have a vested interest in the success of Kindle and Nook!

    Chanta Rand
    Author of Signs of Love & The Highest Bidder