Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Review for "The Hungarian"

By: RmceWtr, Posted on Barnes & Noble 6 JUN 2010
5 Stars

Generally speaking, I'm not a paranormal fan... which is why I was surprised to enjoy THE HUNGARIAN by Stephanie Burkhart as much as I did.

I don't enjoy books that make werewolves little more than pack animals, driven solely by the most basic animal instincts. THE HUNGARIAN is different. Burkhart takes the focus off the animal, placing to fully and wholly on the man. Her writing is vivid, her historical detail used to paint a beautiful image of the time and place.

She draws you into the emotion of the story, and the beauty of the love between Mathias and Katherine. If you enjoy werewolf/paranormal stories, this is an absolute winner. But then again, if you're not necessarily a paranormal fan -- but a fan of a deeply emotional romance -- you could very well enjoy it still.