Monday, June 7, 2010

Excerpt Monday - from "The Hungarian"

Katherine has just arrived in Budapest.


Katherine's eyes were riveted to the new sights just outside the auto's window. This area of Pest reminded her of London, packed with businesses, thriving with people. They drove past a small park on the outskirts of the business district and made their way toward a sprawling suspension bridge. It was then Katherine spied the mighty Danube, wide and rapid, masterfully slicing the city into two very distinct parts.

Matthias inclined his head toward the auto's window. "That's the Széchenyi Bridge. It was built in the 1840's, and was the first suspension bridge of its time," he paused, a smile full of pride growing across his face. "We Hungarians are very proud of our engineering accomplishments."

"Amazing," she whispered in awe. The legs of the bridge were made out of bricks, incredibly thick, popping through the rushing currents of water with ease. The road was wide, able to support an unlimited amount of autos and carriages. Four spires thrust toward the sky, linked together with thick cable wire. The cables didn't cross the bridge, but ran parallel from spire to spire, curving downward in the middle gap between the steel towers.

Katherine noticed the sky as their auto rumbled over the sturdy bridge. It was a rich cerulean blue that seemed to touch the earth. She thought if she stood on her tiptoes, she'd be able to touch the sky and say with convincing authority that she had indeed touched the intangible.

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