Friday, June 4, 2010

Guest Author Series - Esther Mitchell

I'd like to welcome Esther Mitchell to the blog today. She's one of my fellow Desert Breeze Authors and her book, Daughter of Ashes, is a June release for Desert Breeze. Esther likes to write fantasy and she's a co-author with me in the Borealis sci-fi/speculative anthology coming out in October/December 2010 with Desert Breeze.

Here's a little about Esther: While unpublished until her twenties, Esther Mitchell spent her life dreaming of writing. She learned to read on such classics as Gawain & the Green Knight and Beowulf. Raised in Europe, with its wide exposure to mythology, history, and the paranormal, she quickly became fascinated by the lore of the unseen, eventually translating into an educational background in parapsychology and a lifetime of study and practice in spiritual healing and counseling.

Life in a fast-paced, on-the-edge military community ingrained her with both an intimate understanding of the military world, and the ability to craft edgy suspense. At the age of eight, she fell in love with romance, and by the time she was twelve, she had already penned the first of a series of Arthurian romances, and was working on what would later become the futuristic suspense series, Underground.

Always dedicated foremost to her writing, she writes under her real name, and has completed about thirty novels to date, of which ten have previously been published, with more to come. Reviewers and fans alike have dubbed her work “exciting,” “edge of your seat” and “daring.” For more information on either her books or her work with metaphysical healing, visit her website at


SERIES Blurb: Legends of Tirum Legend speaks of the Aerai Majin – a wise and powerful Majin who once, long ago, drew together the nine Elements and used their power to reshape a world on the brink of disaster. When war broke out amongst the power-hungry Maji, the peace-loving Aerai Majin scattered his knowledge, entrusting it to nine bloodlines that remained untouched by the war. It is said that when the nine Chosen of the pure bloodlines come together in the Aerai Majin’s sacred space, the world will be returned from Darkness. But the cost of doing so means opening wide the Gate of the Underworld, and unleashing a Culling the power mongers would do anything to prevent.

BOOK Blurb: DAUGHTER OF ASHES (Book 1) Telyn Gwndal has always feared Majik. But when her destiny brings her back to the place her nightmares were born, Telyn must take up a sacred quest to avenge the father she never knew. Her greatest ally is a man with a secret that could reawaken a past Telyn believes dead and buried, and destroy the truth she holds sacred. Can she trust him with her heart, or will destiny force her to let him go?



Sala floated back into the fireplace, and the fire suddenly doused itself into little more than hot ash and a few smoldering coals.

Telyn swallowed hard, suddenly edgy now that she was completely alone with Nacaris. “I don’t know how to do this,” she admitted quietly. “Shh.”

He touched a finger to her lips, stilling her. “I understand there are things you can’t share with anyone. I’m only asking to be a part of what you can share.”

His face filled her vision, and Telyn’s eyes widened as his lips replaced his touch against her mouth in a soft, gentle kiss she never expected from this battle-hardened man. Enclosed in his embrace as he released her lips, Telyn allowed herself to sink against the leather of his tunic and breathe in the scents of man, horse, and travel that clung to him. It was a comforting scent, underscored by something dark, dangerous, and uniquely Nacaris. She sighed regretfully.

“I wish–”

“What?” He nuzzled her hair, and stroked a hand lightly over her back.

“Talk to me, Telyn.” She stifled a mirthless laugh. He had no idea how much she struggled to keep her thoughts from him — she already feared they were doomed.

“I wish it could always be like this.” “What, always on the hunt? Roaming endlessly, without a home?”

He squeezed her lightly. “Be careful what you wish for, balnyt. Nature is both a capricious and mischievous mistress. You may get what you want, in ways you least desire.”

Telyn shuddered, hearing the ring of prophecy behind those teasing words. She wasn’t fool enough to test them just now. Instead, she burrowed into his embrace and allowed herself a rare moment to be something other than a warrior.


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  1. Thanks, Stephanie! I'm honored to be featured on your blog, today! :)

    DAUGHTER OF ASHES is actually the first full-length Fantasy novel I've ever had published. Mostly, I work in Paranormal Suspense/Romance and Speculative Fiction. But this series has been near and dear to me for over a decade - something I've worked on steadily through the years. I couldn't be happier to finally see it in publication, and with such a great publisher!

    The story started out as most good stories do - with an perfectly innocent comment. *lol* A friend of mine cut herself paring something, and said "Too bad you can't train a knife to do this for itself." Naturally, my writer's brain kicked in and said "Whyever not?" *GRINS* And so was born the anaqueri, a sentient blade (to some degree) that, while it can't operate independent of a person, certainly has a mind of its own. It didn't take long for this blade's owner to step into the spotlight, either - a warrior unmatched, and a reluctant magic-user as well, Telyn Gwndal met all the qualifications I have for my heroes/heroines. She's brave, independent, and complex. And, over the years of writing, I've become very happy to call her a fictitious friend. :)

  2. Thirty novels! Wow! And here I am squeezing my brain like a lemon trying to get books two and three out the way I want them.

  3. Esther, I could competely see this book like it was a movie in my head. You write with such vivid description. The living sword and the salamander were truly unique!

  4. Esther thanks for poping in. That is so cool how something so innocent can grow into a full blown novel. I can't wait to the story. You write the stuff I enjoy.


  5. Shawna - *grins* I won't tell you how many books I have plotted out in my "someday" binder, then... ;)

    Steph - Thanks for having me here! It was a real treat for me! :)

    Thanks for the comments! I really enjoy getting inside my characters' heads and finding out what makes them tick... :D

  6. Esther--Hi. I wanted to meet you as a fellow DB author (I'm new.) The excerpt is very good--descriptive and flows easily. Your characters are wonderful. Thirty novels? I'm impressed! I'll never get that many--good luck with the sale of your book. Celia