Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book Review for: Patriot Priest by Patricia Daly-Lipe #bookreview

Book Review for: Patriot Priest
Written by: Patricia Daly-Lipe
Strategic Media
ISBN: 978-1939-5210-6-4
Avail in print

3.5 Stars

Daly-Lipe pens a comprehensive look of the life and times of William Hemmick, an American Catholic priest. Hemmick served his faith and country during both world wars. Hemmick's story is one of an ordinary American doing extraordinary things.

Ordained in 1911, William Hemmick volunteered to serve in the front lines during World War I. Born in 1886, he grew up in Europe, learning to speak five languages. His friend, Shane Leslie, maintained a life long correspondence with him and these letters help to frame the author's biography. During World War II, Hemmick remained in Rome. His input regarding Vatican II was acknowledged by Pope Paul VI.

As Daly-Lipe tells Hemmick's story she pulls in the historical events that define the time period. Through letters, the reader catches a glimpse of Hemmick's feelings and reactions. The author does a great job setting up several historical events, but at times the focus on Hemmick suffers a tad. His motivations aren't clear, yet his actions prove he's patriotic, loyal, faithful, and kind.

The author's writing style is clear and easy to read. Hemmick's life proves interesting against the background of world intrigue.

"Patriot Priest" is a biography that piques the reader's curiosity about the life and times in which Hemmick lived. A thought provoking read.  

I received a PDF copy of the book for an honest review. 

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