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99 cent contemporary Christmas Romance: Feast of Candles #christmasromance

Enjoy this 99 cents Christmas Contemporary Romance that takes you to California Wine Country:  Feast of Candles 

BLURB: Drake takes the biggest chance of his life all because of a bottle of wine. Can he breakthrough the battlements surrounding Lily's lonely heart?


Collecting her purse, she walked into the lobby as Drake descended the stairs. He presented her with a manila envelope.

"I'll look it over and give it to my lawyers to examine."

"When might you make a decision?"

"Give me a week."

He escorted her to her car and paused near the door. Lily unlocked it with her remote and leaned over, placing her purse along with the folder in the passenger seat. When she stood back up, Drake was directly in front of her. He cupped her cheek, his hand warm and encouraging. "When can I see you again?"

Her abdomen ached for more as waves of desire washed over her. Lily craved closer contact, but she tried to think rationally. "I'm, ah, not sure of my schedule."


"Yes – tomorrow. Come to the winery after it closes."

His lips brushed against hers, then gently covered her mouth. Lily welcomed him, his spicy scent sending her senses reeling. She placed her hands on his chest and moaned when his lips left hers, blazing kisses over her jaw, and searing a path of pleasure over her neck. 

"So sweet," he whispered. His hands left a trail of heat from her waist to her breasts. 

"Oh, Drake…" She arched closer to him. His mouth left her neck and he kissed her again, running his tongue over her bottom lip before mingling with hers.

Her head spun in a vortex of excitement. This man knew how to kiss. 
An owl hooted. Startled, Lily broke away from him, but kept her hands firmly on his chest. She searched out Drake's eyes for a hint at what he was feeling. There was no hiding his raw attraction. 

"Don't go tonight," he whispered. 

5 Stars, Loves Romance Reviews:
The ending with the feast of candles is so romantic, you'll want your own.

4 Stars: Billie Houston, Amazon Reader:
"Great story."

5 Stars: On the Mark, Amazon Reader:
"It's a heartwarming, sensual romance." 




SMASHWORDS: 2011 Spicy Christmas Anthology Collection:

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