Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Winner: 8th Place "Made in America" in the 82nd Writer's Digest Contest #writingcontest

My short story, "Made in America," placed 8th in Mainstream Fiction in the 82nd Writer's Digest Contest.

I won a year's subscription to Writer's Digest and $25.00. I'm very excited to have done so well in the contest. While I usually don't write mainstream, this story came to me in a very organic way. After all, who doesn't like a twinkle?

"Made in America" was inspired by what happened to Hostess and how they went out of business due to strife between the company and unions. As I saw it, the crux of the conflict involved one word – Greed. And greed is something we all struggle with.

In "Made in America" I take a look at how greed affects us all, how it motivates us, and how it can define us. I also look at "riches." Is having money what makes one rich or is being emotionally satisfied what makes one rich?

Joseph Penfield runs a successful resort on the New Hampshire coast. His "White Caps" brownie treat is well received by the many visitors throughout the year. When a businessman offers to buy him out, will Joe accept his offer?

You can find the story on my official website at: http://www.stephanieburkhart.com/short-story-of-the-month.html

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Find out more about my writing at: http://www.stephanieburkhart.com


  1. Congrats! It is such a timely topic with all the greed going on in the world.

    I wish you all the best with your book!

  2. Congratulations, Steph. Well-deserved!