Friday, August 2, 2013

New Release: Gifts - 99 cent contemporary romance #newbookrelease

My new 99 cent contemporary romance is now available on Amazon for Kindle.  

BLURB: A sweet contemporary romance novelette from the award winning author of  "The Budapest Moon Series."

Figure skating is in Christian Jansen's blood. When he trips on uneven ice and drops his partner, Chris breaks his arm. Now he's looking for a second chance.

Famke deVries lost her skating coach four months ago. Needing to connect with her roots, she returns to Amsterdam and agrees to be Christian's new skating partner. 

Christian and Famke connect on a deep level, understanding each other's losses, but will their chemistry off the ice interfere with their goal to go to the Olympics?


Passengers hurried out into the airport. Famke stood next to her brother chatting easily with him. Christian froze. His pulse quickened. He remembered how at sixteen she appeared slender and almost mousy with her black-framed glasses and short brown hair, but now she'd changed. She looked every bit a confident young woman with a dazzling smile and a sparkle of excitement in her soulful green eyes. 

"A joy to read." 5 Stars, Joy Cagil, Amazon Reviewer. 


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