Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snippet Sunday - Night of Magic, 99 cent paranormal romance

Hi all, I'm participating in the Weekend Warriors Snippet Sunday. This month, I'll be taking snippets from my 99 cent sweet/sensual paranormal romance, "Night of Magic."

Night of Magic
Paranormal Romance

BLURB:  Aithne has a vision. 

This snippet:  


Aithne stared into the mirror. She heard the heartbeat of the drums, the chants of the people, and then swallowed the potion from the cup in front of her.

Her heart accelerated. Smoke from the candle next to her grew wide, and images from her father's world appeared. This year's offering didn't excite her wait there was another man. He hadn't donned the mask yet, but he held it. His eyes were amber brown, true windows to his soul. 

Sigh... isn't Jimmy Thomas gorgeous on the cover... melting...



  1. Interesting way of meeting someone. Nice snippet!

  2. a nice foreshadowing of a story I enjoyed!

  3. Pass the wine and hand me a cape. I like what she sees in the mirror.

  4. Intriguing, raises so many questions and really makes me want to keep reading. And a terrific cover!

  5. Lovely "the heartbeat of the drums." Beats hooking up in a bar, methinks!

  6. I grabbed my copy and love the snippet. Thanks for sharing iwth us Steph. :-)
    I shared on facebook and tweeted teh link.

  7. I'm as intrigued as she is. Maybe we'll find out next week??????
    History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders

  8. Intriguing. Good snippet.