Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am a Tim Tebow Fan #tebow #nflfootball

And I want to see him play football. There I said it. And I feel good about it. 

Disclaimer: The following is only a post from a humble football fan that expresses my heartfelt thoughts.

Yes, I'm a woman and I'm not a Tebow fan because he's good looking either – that has nothing to do with why I want to see him play football.

First and foremost I am a football fan. I'm a believer in the NFL. American football is fun to watch. (Sadly, I can't afford tickets to see the Chargers or 49'ers because they are too high price for a middle income family of four, so is Disneyland, but that's another post for another time)

Thank goodness for TV.  Oh, and I still can afford college games. You can find me in the USC stands.

Growing up in New England, I love the Patriots. Living in California, I'm a Chargers & 49'ers fan. When it comes to college, I follow USC.

Why am I Tebow fan? Because he's a class act.

#1 – He's dynamic. He made Denver football fun to watch. I was never much of a Broncos fan, but I tuned in to watch him. Watching Tebow is exciting. I also like to watch Michael Vick and RGIII. All 3 share a quality that make them interesting to watch and easy to cheer for. They're simply dynamic.

#2 – He's a great role model for my boys. My son's favorite football player is Donald Driver because he won a Superbowl ring with the Packers and the Mirror Ball trophy on DWTS. Donald Driver is a class act on the field and off - that's what he has in common with Tebow. He's a great role model for young boys who want to play football.

Is Tebow a bad quarterback with awful mechanics?

I've seen quarterbacks come and go. Ryan Leaf – remember him? The Bills haven't had a steady QB since Jim Kelly. Tebow can handle stress and pressure and he's proved that.  He's a Heisman Trophy winner and that says a lot.

Tebow comes with a dog and pony show that no team wants to deal with.

Really? So does Michael Vick but I see the Eagles willing to take it on. If I were a team like the Jags, the Browns, the Bills, the Dolphins, even the Raiders, I'd be taking a chance on Tebow. I'll tell you this – whatever team Tebow lands on I'm buying his jersey for my boys and tuning in to watch his games.

Tebow is religious. He "tebows.
As a football fan, "tebowing" does not bother me. I'm religious, too. A small religious gesture for thanks does not offend me.

I can sniff 2013-14 football in the air. It's not here yet, but I'm budgeting my $$ to see my Trojans play in the fall.  And I'm hoping Tebow finds a team before then. How about you?

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  1. I too am a Tebow fan and have written many blogs commenting on him.. He is a class act, stands on his principals and treats just about everyone with respect (haven't heard differently and you can be sure we would have if he even looked at someone wrong). He also took won the college championship and played in the league that spits out the most NFL players.. so he knows football. It's almost like the NFL wants to smash his opportunity to shine rather than to allow a man of God to go forward..

    on a sidenote, grew up in LA.. go Trojans!!