Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Review Friday - You're Perfect...and Other Lies Parents Tell

Book Review for: You're Perfect (and other lies parents tell)
Written by: Loni Coombs
Bird St. Books
ISBN: 978-0-9854627-4-1
Avail: as an ebook and hardback
5 Stars

Coombs offers an enlightened and common sense perspective to modern day parenting with "You're Perfect…and Other Lies Parents Tell."

It isn't easy parenting children in this modern day Internet savvy world. As a former DA for LA City, Coombs saw many troubled teenagers cross her path in the justice system. After identifying parenting "types," and "pitfalls," Coombs offers common sense advice for modern day parenting.

A majority of today's parents are instilling a sense of entitlement along with a lack of empathy for others by making their children believe "it's all about them." This mentality will only cripple a child as they grow up. After identifying the problems, Coombs offers solutions. Her writing style is easy to read and understand. Her voice is honest and sincere, and it makes the book shine despite its controversial topic. It's not easy to hear we're not perfect, but it really is necessary for our children to understand so they grow into their potential as young adults.

Coombs message is relevant for today's modern audience. With her unique perspective, Coombs will challenge you as a parent to take a long, hard look at your style and she'll help you with good solid advice. A must read, especially if you have children who challenge you and your authority. I highly recommend this book. 


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