Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Kobo & Kindle Ereaders in a Nutshell SEP 2012

Kobo Mini
Both Kobo and Amazon are releasing new ereaders this fall and I've got the skinny. If you're thinking about purchasing an ereader or turning in your old one for a new one, this post is for you.

Both Kobo and Amazon have made improvements to their ereaders across the board, which I like.

For me, I think Kobo's big plus it's versatility in the worldwide market. Now I know Amazon is opening markets up all over the world, but Kobo is a device that truly has an international market. It claims to have a network of over 11,000 booksellers worldwide.

Kobo's new devices include:

Kobo Arc – a 7 in. multimedia tabled ($200.00)
Kobo Glo – eink w/built in lighting ($130.00)
Kobo Mini – 5 in eink reader ($80.00)
Kobo Touch – upgraded touchscreen eink ($100.00)

Highlights: The Arc offers access to Google Play, plus Google's app store (about 600,000 apps)

(plus 3 million books in over 60 languages – for all readers)

Amazon's new devices include:

Kindle Fire HD – comes in 2 sizes: 7 in and 8.9 inches. They promise less glare and dualband wifi along w/2 antennas to improve reception. ($199/#299 for the 8.9 in)

The 7 in Fire HD starts shipping 14 SEP. The 8.9 inches starts shipping 20 NOV 2012.

Kindle Paperwhite. Has a front lit fiber optic display
8 week battery
$119 for wifi
$179 for 3G

(Steph's Note: I hate wifi and I highly recommend the 3G version of anything. Yes, it may cost more, but you get what you pay for and I often find I can access 3G where I can't access wifi)

The Original Fire: upgraded with a faster chip
More memory
Better battery
Price cut: $159.00
Ships 14 September 2012

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new ereaders. Do you have a preference? Why? What are your pros and cons and deal breakers when it comes to buying devices? Wifi? 3G? Price? Eink? Share!


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