Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Fun Facts & Trivia!

Happy 4th of July to all! I'm on Catalina Island just off the coast of CA near Los Angeles, celebrating America's birthday. The USC marching band kicks off the fun opening up the golf cart parade. Golf carts drive down the main street in festive decorations. Afterwards, we have a BBQ by the water. Then we scope out a spot on the beach and watch the fireworks over Avalon Bay. I'd love to hear how you celebrate the 4th. Today I've got some 4th of July Trivia, Fun Facts and a Giveaway. Enjoy!
America's big "beef" with Britain? There was taxation without representation. The colonies were not represented in the British parliament.

Betsy Ross sewed the 1st American flag in May or June 1776.

The Liberty Bell sounded from the tower of Independence Hall in Philadelphia on 8 July 1776.

Congress declared the 4th of July a federal holiday – in 1941!

Calvin Coolidge
President Calvin Coolidge was born on the 4th of July.

On the original American Flag, 13 stars are in a circle, representing that all the 13 colonies were to be considered equal.

Benjamin Franklin was the oldest man to sign the Declaration of Independence. He was 70.

America is 236 years old today.

Giveaway: Answer one of the questions below correctly and leave your email address. I'll pick one winner to receive a copy of my vintage romance, "Journey of the Heart." It's the summer of 1946 in Sonoma, California. Will Rachel willing to take a journey of the heart with James to keep her winery?

Question: What do the colors of the American Flag mean?

Question: Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? It's the same "tune" as what British song?

Question: What 3 presidents died on the 4th of July?

Bonus: What was the 14th State admitted to the Union?

Get the bonus and one of the questions right, win, and receive a copy of The Faberge Secret along with Journey of the Heart.


  1. These 3 Presidents died on July 4. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe
    The 14th state admitted to the Union was Vermont

  2. I know Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. As for the rest, I'm clueless.

    I enjoyed reading about the golf cart parade. We have a golf cart parade here to celebrate St. Patricks Day and boy is it entertaining.

    Wishing you a happy 4th on Catalina!

  3. hi, Steph.
    Thank you for your service. okay-answers to questions.
    1.Colors: Red=hardiness & valour or Blood of patriots. White=purity & innocence or ideal of truth. Blur=Vigilance, perserverance & justice or Freedom-as represented by sky & heavens.
    2. Francis Scott Key and drinking song named 'To Anacrean in Heaven'
    3 John Adams, Thomas Jefferson & James Monroe
    Bonus: Vermont.
    Have a happy 4th.
    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

  4. Stephanie, Thank you for your posts all week on the Desert Breeze blog. I appreciate you. Love you Fourth of July post today. June

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm back from vacation so I appreciate your patience with me. I went to Catalina Island for the 4th of July. I hope you all had a great holiday. June, thanks for being on the Desert Breeze Blog. It was great to have you in the spotlight.

    Congrats to Joye - winner of the Faberge Secret and Journey of the Heart. I'll be sending you your items shortly.