Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weight Loss Weeks 3 & 4 - Show me the fruits!

15 – 28 JAN 2012

It's been a productive two weeks with more weight loss. What's encouraging? My husband's doing the program with me and his energy, along with his enthusiasm is rubbing off on me. Mind you, he's lost 8 pounds to my 3, but I know it's because males and females lose differently.

What am I enjoying?
Eating more fruits. My frig is stocked with blueberries, grapes, cantaloupe, and watermelon. I'm eating more lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers for my salad. Baked potatoes are yummy, but are points so I have to count wisely.

Exercise –
It really helps if I can get moving – with my schedule as demanding as it is, I manage to get a 45 minute walk in approximately 5 days a week. Weight Watchers recommends a minimum of 14 exercise points a week. As soon as I can find some balance, I hope to go back to the gym on a regular basis and incorporate some weight training.

I think the most challenging times have been at work and breakfast. At work, I'm up and alert and sitting at a console. The urge to munch due to boredom is one I struggle with.

For me to get off to a good start, I need to keep my breakfast 5 points or less, but there's so many items to choose from – yogurt, fruit, English muffins, bacon. It's easy to cut deeper into my daily points.

Carbs are my enemy. Well, too many are, at least. And I love a good carb. I've cut down on them, but the urge to eat them is there.

Weight Watcher Meetings
The topics are always interesting. Last week we discovered "power" foods/simply filling foods. These are mostly fruits and vegetables, but include chicken, baked potatoes, and even some grains. You don't necessarily need to "count" them because they're zero points, (most of them) but they should be used according to their portion size. What helps me is looking for the green triangle which is a visual clue the item is a power food. There's always something to learn at the meetings. I'm looking forward to next week's topic.

What works for you? Hate carbs? Any tips?


  1. Carbs are my enemy too! I've picked up my exercise schedule this winter, but I can't seem to stop myself from eating bread and potatoes and all those things I love. I've thought many times of joining Weight Watchers. It sounds like you're getting many benefits from it. Is the price worth it to you?

  2. Ah, carbs the bain of my existence. Proud of you girl!