Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weight Loss Week #1 - 2-7 JAN 2012

Ah, weight loss! I think it's one of the most popular new year's resolutions. It's so popular, it's practically cliché, but this year, I'm dedicating "me" time for weight loss.

To that end, I went back to Weight Watchers on 2 Jan – and I brought my boys, Andrew, 9, and Joe, 5, to the meeting. Yes, I didn't really have a choice. I don't have a dedicated babysitter so they had to go. Besides, I shuffle them to dance class, appointments, etc., it's about time they let me have some "me" time.

Quite honestly, here's why I think my previous attempts at weight loss come up short: I'm always doing for others. (i.e., my boys and various other commitments) and not allowing myself enough time for what I want.

So, this year, to "fix" that, I built in the opportunity for "me" time. Mind you, I didn't ask for a lot – just enough to get about 40 minutes of exercise in and enough time to plan my meals.

My boys did good at the meeting. They sat quietly, but toward the end, Joe wiggled a lot. It was a good refresher. My daily goals: eat fruits and veggies, drink water, eat fiber & protein, take a vitamin, drink some milk and exercise. I'm a big walker so I hope to get a couple of 5K's in this year.

To accomplish my goals I need to pre-plan meals with my points in mind. I get 26 daily points. Do-able. I need to lay off the carbs and carbonation.

Now I know there are multiple ways to lose weight, but I chose to use Weight Watchers. If you've got a tip you'd like to share or you want to offer some encouragement, I'd love to hear it. The weight loss journey isn't easy and will take patience, but friends make it bearable.


  1. I know quit a few people who find Weight Watchers really helpful. Go you!! This year, my goal has been to add at least 200 minutes a week of walking. I thought it would be easy. It isn't.

  2. My goal is to drop a few pounds this year, too. I resolved to start by eating one piece of candy a day (instead of several). Today I only had 3, so that's a start. LOL. I'm pulling for you, Steph!


  3. My daughter and son-in-law, who were both over-weight, both reached their target weights about a year after joiningg Weight-Watchers, and they've kept to those targets too, almost 18 months later. So good luck to you, Steph. I keep saying I ought to lose some weight - but maybe next year?? :-)

  4. Good luck Steph! Afraid I'm the last person to ask for advice. I think it's a peril of motherhood that we tend to put ourselves last - not a healthy habit.

    Angela Britnell

  5. Sounds like you have a solid plan and some good insight, Steph. I wish you success.

  6. Good luck, Steph! I want to lose wt. this year and keep it off. I have never tried WW. Glad you got the new year off to a great start for your resolution!

  7. I got into the fitness bandwagon six and a 1/2 years ago and it's been great. I work out religiously and gave up soda and am eating more fruits. Can't seem to give up certain sugary sweets though, but it really isn't affecting my weight. But still...I know it's not good for me. Best wishes, Steph. And God bless those two little boys who sat still. :) Got two boys of my own. When they sit still, they make us proud.

  8. Laurel, I love walking and I've a good 1st week working a 40 min walk into my routine. Excercise really helps and I have to find time for it.

    Sadie & Sophie, every little bit helps. Another tip: lay off the carbonation.

    Paula, that's amazing. What I like about WW is that it's a life style change and carries on even after you meet your goal. Do it when you're ready, Sweetie.

    Yes, in the perils of motherhood, I am last. I have to work on that.

    Sarah, thanks. It's solid right now. What helps is that my husband is doing it with me. He keeps me straight.

    Diane, I really do like Weight Watchers. One of the biggest appeals for me is learning how to shop & cook healthy.

    EA, yes! I believe if I cut my carbonation that will be like a cherry on the top. LOL!! Oh, the boys, yes. There are those moments my heart just sings with pride. Sigh...


  9. Steph, weight loss was made really easy for me by being diagnosed with diabetes last July. It runs in my family and even though I had thought I was being careful, it wasn't enough. I went on the diabetic diet I found on the site for Eating Well Magazine (no, I'm in no way connected with them). I lost 25 pounds in two months and reduced my carb intake drastically. The CDC estimates 1 in 3 people will be diabetic by 2050. So if that isn't enough to scare the you know what out of people and get them to lose weight by whatever method, I don't know what is. I eat a whole foods diet, hike 3 miles a day and 6 on weekends and my blood sugar is now normal, though that doesn't mean the disease is gone. People, don't wait. Lose NOW. Even children are getting this, and many experts believe it's from all the high fructose corn syrup in virtually everything. Right now, if I don't make it I don't eat it.