Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine Day - enjoy Elmer's Valentine

Hi all, since it's excerpt Monday I thought I share my little children's story, Elmer's Valentine. It's 545 words and I wrote for my Little Children's class. We did it yesterday for them and they loved it. We had the kids hold up flowers so they could be the flower garden.


and PS - Have a great Valentines Day!

Elmer the Gentlemanbug blew into the garden one day on a breeze. He was called a Gentleman bug because that's what all boy ladybugs were called.

The garden was a busy place. A young girl named Addison pulled the weeds. When she wasn't there, though, there were lots of other bugs to help out.

A family of bees lived near the roses. A family of butterflies made their homes in the daffodils. A little frog hopped through the garden on his way to the pond every day. A family of worms helped to keep the dirt nice and fresh.

Elmer made his home next to the marigolds. He made a small house of sticks and twigs. He had a leaf to sleep on at night and flowers gave him shade when the sun was shining.

One day on his way to visit the violets, Elmer came across a ladybug.

"Hello, my name is Elmer," he said.
"My name is Elena."
"Do you live here?" asked Elmer.

"I live with my parents next to the lilies. I haven't seen you before. Where are you going?"

"I'm on my way to help the bees scatter the pollen dust on the daisies today. Where are you going?" asked Elmer.
"I'm going to look for some grapes."

"I have to get going, It was nice meeting you, Elena."

"Good bye, Elmer."

Every day for a week, Elmer met Elena near the violets. They said hello and talked about what they were going to do that day. Elmer decided he liked Elena very much.

One day, Elmer met Elena by the violets, but it was very windy out. Elmer could barely fly.

"Hello, Elena."

"Hello, Elmer. Be careful today. Daddy says a storm is blowing in."

Elmer flapped his wings. "I will. You, too."

The wind blew harder. Raindrops fell from the sky. Elmer rushed back home and snuggled against the marigolds in his house.
It rained for a very long time. Elmer was a little scared and worried for Elena. He hoped she was okay.

The next day the sun came out. Elmer peeked out of his house. The dirt was wet and the flowers were damp, but all the flowers were okay.

Elmer realized he missed Elena. He cared for his friend very much. Elmer decided to write a Valentine for Elena to tell her how much he valued her friendship. Elmer visited the worms who were busy swimming in a small rain puddle.
"Hello, Worms. Do you have any paper?"

"I saw a bubble gum wrapper near the lilies," said one worm.

"I think the rain washed it in," said another worm.

"Thank you," said Elmer. He buzzed to the lilies and found the wrapper. He wrote: "Elena, I'm glad you're my friend. Be my Valentine, Your friend, Elmer."

When he finished, he flew off to find his friend.

Elena was helping the bees dry off the roses by flapping their wings. Elmer flew up to Elena.

"I was worried about you," said Elmer.

"I was worried about you, too," said Elena.

Elmer handed Elena his valentine. She read it and smiled.

"Thank you, Elmer. It's very pretty. I'm glad you're my friend."

Elmer smiled. He was glad they were friends, too.


  1. Great example of friends helping friends.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. What a cute story. Like Morgan said, a great example of friends helping friends.

  3. Morgan and Susanne,
    Thanks for popping in. It was perfect for our Little Church class. I'm glad you enjoyed it!