Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guest Author Series - Author Gail Delaney talks about B&N Nook Ereader

STEPH: Welcome to to my ebook reader series, Gail. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

GAIL: Gail R. Delaney has been actively writing 'for publication' since 1996. The first novel she ever wrote is still sitting on her computer, waiting for the major rewrite that will make it acceptable. She says she has learned a great deal since writing that book, and it shows when she looks back at that rough draft.

Gail has had several novels published in the genres of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and futuristic romance. Her novels have received several nominations and awards since she was first published in 2005.

Gail and her family recently moved from the cold and blustry east coast to Southern California, and is loving every moment of sunshine she can soak in.

STEPH: What ebook reader to you have? How long have you had it?

GAIL: I have the first generation Nook from Barnes & Noble. It was a pre-order, and I received it as soon as they were ready to ship! ☺ So, I've had it about a year now.

STEPH: What do you like the most about it?

GAIL: I love that I have 67 books in my purse. ☺ I love that I can finish a book at work, and start another one. I love that I can read sitting in the sun wearing sunglasses. I love I can download samples of books before I purchase them. I love the selections I have. I love I can change my font -- make it larger or smaller -- or completely different. I love... okay, maybe that's enough.

STEPH: What do you like the least about it?

GAIL: Hmmmm... I suppose the only 'Kindle Envy' I have is the text-to-voice option that a Nook doesn't have. My Nook can work as an mp3 player if I buy an audiobook, but I love hearing how Kindle users can choose to either read or listen to a book.

STEPH: What features are unique to your Nook?

GAIL: Well, until recently, the whole 'sharing' option was unique, but now you can do that with Kindles. However, to the best of my knowledge, the Nook is the only reader with a fully expandable memory so you can hold a gagillion books rather than just a gazillion. ☺

Also, the Nook has a color/lcd touchpad for navigation, and I can turn the page with a slide of my thumb. ☺

STEPH: Is loading books onto the Nook easy?

GAIL: Exceptionally easy, whether I buy from or not. If I buy at, the next time I turn on my Nook... there they are. ☺ And I can also easily load epub files to my library, and read them as easily and efficiently as if they were bought from I use Calibre, a free ebook library software program, and love it.

STEPH: What are some of the pros to your book reader?

GAIL: I think I rambled on about that in answer #3. LOL

STEPH: Was price a factor when you bought it?

GAIL: For me? In truth... no. It was given to me as a gift. I was asked "So, what do you want... a Kindle or a Nook." I loved the idea of the color touch screen, so I said Nook.

STEPH: Anything else you'd like to tell us about the Nook?

GAIL: Only that I love it, and if you're a 'reader', you deserve one of these.


  1. That's for sharing Gail. I'm still making up my mind, so I downloaded the free kindle to my pc and now I have difficulty downloading from and can only download from which is a major pain. And a huge surprise.
    Happy reading with your Nook

  2. Sherry, thanks for popping in. I have a couple posts around the Sony & Kindle as well. Stick around and maybe it will help you pick out the right one for you. Are you in's area?