Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guest Author Series - Author Danielle Thorne talks about her Sony e-reader

Author Danielle Thorne

STEPH: Welcome to to my ebook reader series, Dani. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

DANIELLE: Hi, Steph. I've been working online for over twelve years in various capacities. Besides reviewing and editing, I'm the author of five published books. Most of my free time is spent reading when I'm not outside or volunteering for school and church.

STEPH: What ebook reader to you have? How long have you had it?

DANIELLE: I received the Sony eReader (PRS-600) for Christmas in 2009. It also came with a black leather cover and a reading light.

STEPH: What do you like the most about it?

DANIELLE: The two things I like best are first, the cover, which makes it look like a small, leather bound notebook. It's easy to carry around. As far as the features, I like the ability to turn pages by tapping the screen. There are very few buttons to the Sony.

STEPH: What do you like the least about it?

DANIELLE: I do wish the Sony was backlit, but most readers don't have this capability that I've seen. The biggest downside for me, is that it isn't Wi-Fi capable. I have to download books to my computer then transport them from the computer to the reader with the accessory cord.

The only problem I have had is on occasion, it doesn't charge. I'm never sure if it's me or the Reader, but I've read a couple places online that others have this problem. It may be the charger, I don't have details on that. However, whenever I reset it and recharge it, everything is fine.

STEPH: What features are unique to your Sony?

DANIELLE: Because I have an "older" model, I think most of today's readers have the same features such as enlarging the text, making bookmarks and notes, and a dictionary. This reader also comes with a stylus so handwritten notes are possible if you need to make some in a pinch. You can also load photos.

STEPH: Is loading books onto the Sony easy?

DANIELLE: Loading is easy once you are familiar with the "Sony Library" software, but it is time-consuming compared to the Wi-Fi click and buy process.

STEPH What are some of the pros to your book reader?

DANIELLE: I definitely feel it's a quality product. I also like that it doesn't tie me down to any particular bookstore like the Kindle does with Amazon. I can even download doc.'s to my Sony, so that's a nice perk. It opens several types of files. I prefer to use PDF's.

STEPH: Was price a factor when you bought it?

DANIELLE: Not at the time, but it would be for a future purchase if I replaced it.

STEPH: Anything else you'd like to tell us about the Sony?

DANIELLE: I'm still on the fence for which brand to buy for my next reader, but if Sony came out with a Wi-fi version like the Kindle, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Danielle Thorne

STEPH: Thanks for popping in and sharing, Dani!


  1. Even though you have an older model, I am green with envy. I am yet to get one and there are cons to every single one that people have told me about. i wouldn't know which one to get.


  2. Hi Val--I think most of the best sellers are quality enough these days that it's just a matter of picking one. ;) I'm getting my Mom a Kindle for her birthday. It will be easiest for her to use.

  3. I know there are "higher" level Sony's as well. There's a wi-fi/3G verison Sony that is a little bit more than the $189 Kindle.


  4. I agree about the charger issue. Mine does the same thing on occasion, Dani. Jillian

  5. I didn't know there was a Sony wi-fi version out. I've got to check that out!

    @Jillian....really? Nice to know it's not just mine. Hope they fixed it in the next model.