Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Scoop from the Publishing World

Hi all, Thought I'd catch up a bit. It was great having Diane Craver visit the blog. I love Diane's books. In fact, I just finished reading A Christmas Collection: Sensual from Victory Tales Press where Diane has a story in it. Her stoy is "The Proposal." It's a contemporary. Tyler is in love with his best friend, Jackie, but Jackie is seeing Brad. What I loved about the story is how - when Tyler finally fesses up to his feelings, how the characters take a long look at their feelings and then are open and honest about them. It's very refreshing. I enjoyed the whole anthology and I'll be working on a review shorty.

I just posted my review for Keena Kincaid's novel, "Enthralled." I loved the story and I'm going to miss the Druids of Duncarnoch. I would love to see more in her series. Keena's also got a contemporary out called Something More and I enjoyed it very much. Keena's dialogue in both stories are very engaging.

The Christmas Tree is up and I'm about 1/2 done my wrapping. Time to zip off to Costco. Who doesn't like Costco? Give a shout out if you're a Costco fan!


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**The Reviews are in**

I've gotten some great reviews in recently.

Holly from Long & Short Romance Reviews gave the Borealis II Anthology 4.5 Stars.
"This second installment of the Borealis anthology is every bit as entertaining as the first. I was delighted to see old friends back in this book, and I love that some characters carry over from story to story. I enjoyed catching up on the happenings of those from book one, and the characters in book two are all intriguing and well crafted. I also loved the surprises in each story, making reading this an enjoyable experience... The unique atmosphere of the Borealis is refreshing, as it is not the bright and shiny perfect example of technology that so many “space operas” depict, but rather a view of the decrepit and seedy side that is always so much more interesting to delve into... This is highly recommended for those who like equal doses of romance, science fiction and danger, with some humor thrown in to ease the tension."

Diane Craver said this about The Hungarian:
"I couldn't stop reading The Hungarian because I was swept instantly into Katherine Archibald's world as she fell in love with Hungarian Count Matthias Duma... The beautiful romance between Katherine and Matthias is inspiring as they struggle against many challenges in their relationship. You never stop rooting for these characters as they learn to accept each other's strengths and differences. Stephanie's descriptions of the various settings give exceptional images and a wonderful feel-good warmth as you explore the time period of 1901...The Hungarian is an exciting story of love and hope. It's a must read for any lover of romances. I'm looking forward to reading Count's Lair, the next book in the The Budapest Moon series by Stephanie Burkhart."

Midwest Book Reviews gave "The Giving Meadow" 5 Stars
The Giving Meadow is a simple, softcover picturebook about a little caterpillar, hungry and alone, who befriends the generous creatures of a meadow. One by one they help him, and as a result of their kindness, he is able to transform into a beautiful butterfly. Colorful illustrations add just the right touch to this gentle heartwarming story about the transformative power of sharing.

I'm going to leave you with some interesting buzz from the Publishing World which I consoldate from Publisher's Weekly Online:

Google ebooks went live on 6 DEC 2010 with close to 3 million titles.

Google's ebooks offers a nice alternative to Apple and Amazon for independent booksellers.

With $139 Kindles introduced in July, it helped to grow sales of over 800,000 units from July to November.


  1. Thanks, Steph. I'm glad you liked Enthralled. I'm working on other stories now, but I have a feeling I'll be revisiting this family again in a few years.

  2. Keena, awesome. I'd love to see where they are in a couple of years.