Monday, December 27, 2010

Excerpt Monday - Heart of Moldavia

THE SET UP: This is a FREE read offered by Desert Breeze Publishing and is a "prequel" to the Moldavian Moon Series. Book 1, The Wolf's Torment, will be released in MAY 2011. In this excerpt, Mihai is talking to a "mysterious" woman in the woods outside of his castle.


Snow collected on the shoulders of her cape, but she brushed it off. "Why did you stay away from our dreams? I missed you."

He stiffened his chin, feeling a tad bit defensive. "My father sent me to study in England."

"Ah, the distance. I understand now."
"I'm here now."

She smiled. "We will meet soon."
He arched an eyebrow. "Meet?"

She stepped forward, stopping directly in front of him. "You truly don't understand? I'm not quite sure I do either, but I know this -- you are the prince of my dreams, the only man for me."

"How can you know this?"

"I know what I dream and I know my heart. I do not deny it."

"What's your name?"

She smiled again and this time a small dainty dimple appeared in her cheek. "You know, My Prince. You've always known."

He crossed his arms more confused than ever. "Why are you here?"

"It's Christmas."

"Yes, it is."

She reached into the pocket of her cape and produced a glass ball with a multi-faceted surface. It reflected light, spinning a rainbow prism when it caught the sunlight in just the right angle. His mother used to play with a similar one when he was young. She taught him how to catch the light and throw it.

"A Christmas gift for my prince."

A warm blast shot through his hand and up his arm when he caressed her fingers to take the gift from her. Their eyes met and in that moment he realized that she had loved him all her life. And he felt guilty for not paying attention to his dream earlier -- for giving into passion with Alexandra.

He held her hand for an extra second. "I have nothing to give you."

"You gave me my life. I risked much to bring you this gift."

"I have no keepsake for you."

"Nor do I require one. Merry Christmas, My Prince."

She stepped away and walked toward the trees.

"Wait! Please, tell me your name."

Here's a link to the FREE download. Enjoy!

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