A Gentleman and a Rogue

Monday, September 24, 2012

Orlando Bloom

is a great way to start off Good Looking Man Moday here on the blog!

Orlando Bloom is the inspiration for my character "Grayson" in my steampunk novel, "Victorian Scoundrel." He's a British actor whose breakout role was "Legolas" in the 2001 Lord of the Ring Series. He also stared in the 2003 "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie as "Will Turner."

Interesting little know fact: He's dsylexic. "Alice," in Victorian Scoundrel is also dsylexic.

He's a Manchester United fan (soccer for us Americans) and he's a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassdor.

Question: What's your favorite Orlando Blood movie? Share!



  1. I liked him in The Pirate movies, but I also like him in Elizabetown...

  2. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies will always be some of my favorites, but I liked his performance in Kingdom of Heaven. What a great way to start Good Looking Man Monday!

  3. What's not to love about Orlando? My favorite roles of his are always the "period" pieces. He handles a sword well! ;) Kingdom of Heaven is my favorite, thus far.

  4. Kingdom of Heaven for me, too, and it didn't hurt my feelings to cast my eyes on Liam Neeson as well. :-)

  5. What movie isn't he good in? That's the question! And not only does he look good, but he sounds good... what a great accent.:)

  6. Elizabethtown is my favorite role of his.

  7. Kingdom of Heaven - he was spectacular in that movie.

  8. Lord of the Rings, hands down with Kingdom of Heaven a close secon :)