Saturday, November 6, 2021

California Dreaming

 Forgive.  I'm a bit late with my California post. Just recently we went to Pismo Beach to check out the Clam Festival.  It was the 75th Anniversary of the event.  As I'm from New England, I ALWAYS enjoy a good Clam Chowder. :) 

But first I'd like to share this verison of "California Dreaming" done by the School of Rock. The leader sing kinda reminds me of Mama Cass (Voice-Wise!!) as she gives a really heartfelt, honest vocal performance with power and grit. 

Pismo Beach is so low key. The weather was really nice when we went. There was a real chill vibe, and I loved how the focus was on the clams. 

There's nothing like the peace of the beach and the beautiful coastline to make one relax.

The Clam chowder tasting was on the pier. A lot of local restaurants particpated in the challenge.  I picked #10. For me, that was the most authentic to a New England style chowder. 

Even the Beach has fun with it's Pismo Beach sign! 

Pismo Beach is great for surfers.  Here are a couple trying to catch a few waves.

California may have it's ups and downs, but one of the most beautiful places in the state, IMHO,  is anywhere on the coast. 


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