Saturday, February 4, 2017

Children's Story: Brady's Lost Blanket #childrensbook


Brady is a sensitive young boy who takes his blanket wherever he goes. After traveling with his parents to visit his new cousin, Brady accidentally leaves his blankie behind. Can Brady learn to get by without his blankie?


At the airport. People raced past Brady. Daddy checked in and Mommy walked behind Brady when he went through the x-ray machine. At the gate, a pretty flight attendant took their tickets. Brady sat next to the window. The plane pushed off and they taxied to the runway.
Brady looked at his Mommy. "Do you have blankie?"
Mommy puckered her lips. "Ah…no."
Brady looked at Daddy. "Do you have blankie?"
"No, Son, I don't."

Brady's stomach fluttered. His hands grew clammy. He needed blankie.


5 Stars, Beverly's Reviews, Amazon Reviewer: "Bridget McKenna’s illustrations are colorful and the characters’ expressions reveal what they’re feeling. A lovely book for little ones, who might just discover that the blankie, though important, can be replaced with something just as good. This picture book would make a nice addition to pre-school and kindergarten libraries as well as your own private library."

5 Stars, Deborah S. Hockenberry, Amazon Reviewer:  "I highly recommend this adorable picture book about a child's major step in growing up. The watercolor pictures on each page are skillfully done by Bridget McKenna."

5 Stars, Shawn Simon, Amazon Reviewer: "This sweet, simple story will be so helpful for small children everywhere who become so attached to a comfort object that they feel they need it. Brady’s story will help them learn to believe in themselves above the comfort object. I recommend this lovely story to young children and parents everywhere."

Brady's Lost Blanket is available in Paperback.  Here's a list of Buy Links:



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