Friday, October 28, 2016

Book Review: G-1 by Rigel Carson #bookreview

G-1 Review
Book Review for: G-1
Written by: Rigel Carson
Published by: Kindle Scout Press
ISBN: None
5 Stars

The future looks bleak. It’s 2065 and while the Earth has made technological advancements,
it’s natural resources that have suffered. Zeke Landry works for an oversight agency that
studies water. When he notices there are discrepancies with the amount of water reported
in Earth’s reservoirs, things start to get thorny.

Soon other natural resources are attached, Rock musician, Queen Bea and her sister, Jessie are
drawn into the mysterious going-ons along with Zeke and his AI, Forman. When Zeke is
kidnapped and thrown into jail it’s up to Forman to bust him loose. Zeke is further drawn
into the chaos when his uncle is kidnapped and a mysterious organization bent on taking
over the world reveals itself. Can Zeke prevent the Earth from coming to a destructive end?

Carson’s writing is easy to read and effortlessly draws you into Zeke’s world. She tackles
 topics that the future will have deal with. It’s easy to imagine Zeke’s world. The supporting
cast is interesting. Forman is an AI (artificial intelligence) and he’ll have the reader rooting
 for him. He’s fearless and full of heart.

G-1 is a great start to a futuristic series. It’s entertaining, suspenseful, and will keep the reader
 turning the pages to find out what happens next. 

Question for you as a Reader:  what's your favorite Sci-Fi movie or novel? Why? 

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