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Snippet Sunday - Twilight Over Moldavia, paranormal romance #wewriwa #snippetsunday

Hi all, I'm participating in the Weekend Warriors Snippet Sunday. This month, I'll be taking snippets from my paranormal romance, Twilight Over Moldavia. You can find the Weekend Warriors Snippet Sunday list at:

About this snippet:  Stefan observations pique his curiosity. Something is afoot...

After several minutes they arrived in a flowering garden filled with irises, roses, carnations, daisies, and lilies, among others. Caroline sat on a bench close to the cliff overlooking the town of Ploesti and the valley below. Stefan took the space next to her.
"Why were you delayed?" she asked.
"A man in the kitchen detained me. I saw him vending flowers earlier. He was a most unusual man with yellow eyes. He reeked of filth and dared to cut my palm so he could lick my blood. I had him removed."
"May I see where he harmed you?"

Romanian unification is on the horizon and the spirited Crown Princess of Carpathia, Caroline, would prefer to ride horses and archery to embroidery and dancing. Complicating her life is her recent discovery that she's a witch. 

Prince Stefan Sigmaringen travels to Carpathia to meet Caroline. He discovers he has much in common with her. He also learns that a strange man, Timon, has an unnatural interest in him.

Upon Stefan's engagement, he overhears his mother confessing to a horrible secret – she cursed him in order to conceive him and Stefan will become a werewolf when he turns eighteen. There is a condition to overcome the curse, but it will require Stefan to draw on all his inner strength and Caroline, her courage. Can they break the foul enchantment and secure their future or will Stefan give himself over to the lupine curse that haunts his family? 


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5 Stars, Clue Review:
"I enjoyed Stefan and Caroline's story."

Crafty Cauldron:
"It was such a fantastic book!"

5 stars, Queen Tutt
"An Excellent Read." 

4.5 Fairy Wings
"This is such an awesome read!"

4 Stars, Mommsez
"A thrilling read."

Tower of Babel
"Enchanting Atmosphere." 

5 Stars

Twilight Over Moldavia by Stephanie Burkhart is a 2012 Desert Breeze Publishing release. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The time has come for Queen Theresa to pay the piper, so to speak. Her son Stephan and her nephew Michael are grown and Stephan is about to be married to Caroline. But, Timon is aware that Theresa is hoping the curse on Stephan will be broken and he intends to make sure that does not happen. 

Caroline never thought she would be the one to marry Stephan. It was supposed to be her sister, but when she tragically died the responsibility fell upon Caroline. It was her duty and she intended to follow through. When she meets Stephan it is very obvious they share an intense connection. Could their love break the awful curse Stephan will have to bear? 

This is the second book in the series and while I think you could read this one as a stand alone, I strongly recommend you read the first book before reading this one. This series is one of epic love stories, betrayals, magic and good versus evil with a sort of dark fairytale like quality to it. I am glad I had the chance to discover this series. I enjoyed Stephan and Caroline's story. There were some really sad moments, but long overdue peace will come as well. The next book in the series will follow Michael 's story and I'm excited to see what happens next. Overall this was another strong chapter in the series. This is a 4.5 rounded to 5. 

I wasn’t sure if I would get into this book as much as I got into the first book The Wolf’s Torment (my review) because I was really attached to Theresa and Mihai.  I was wrong. I completely fell in love with Caroline and Stefan. They were such a perfect match from the get go. You could read this book as a stand alone because the author did a good job at catching you up, but I suggest you read the first one just to get the full grasp of the back story.
The story leaves off 17-18 years later after the first book ends.  Romania is on the verge of being unified and it all rests on Caroline and Stefan’s head. If they don’t successfully marry and combine the two families, everything will fall apart. With his “cousin” Michael at his side he travels to meet his new fiancĂ©e. How they meet is hysterical and sets the tone for their entire relationship. With tons of secrets hiding under the surface and a horrid Werewolf and witch trying to kill/kidnap them at every turn their engagement trip becomes more exciting than they bargained more.
It was such a fantastic book that I bought the next one because I really wanted to know what comes next!

Queen Tutt: 5 Stars
Awesome Read!
Wow what an awesome Read, I truly could not put this book down. This 2nd book was the perfect follow-up to the 1st book in the series. The book does refresh the reader of what happened in the 1st installment so it could be read as a standalone.
I truly enjoyed this read. Prince Stefan and Princess Caroline story swept me away into their world right from the very beginning. I loved the way the author started their tale of them meeting at the age of 16 since this was an arranged marriage before they were even born. With the arranged marriage it would unite Romanian and they would become the first King and Queen.
Stefan and Caroline’s adventure captivated me at their very first meeting when she shoots him with an arrow by accident. Right then I knew I was going to like Caroline. The character’s chemistry is electrifying and humorous. I think Stefan and Caroline had more fun on their adventure than their parents expected which made the story even more enjoyable for me with them always out-smarting their parents and the other witches and wolves. Their entrapment’s, use of potions and spells made the story a visionary wonder and I just wanted to stay immersed into their world forever.
Stephan is such a down to earth witch, he is handsome and his sexuality bleeds off him like a breath of fresh air. He cares for those around him and shows everyone the respect they earn. Caroline is feisty and daring. I loved her; she is a beautiful talented witch and has a heart of gold. They all had such caring attitudes and a willingness to build a better life for their country.
The plot thickens with lots of action while Stefan and Caroline become engaged and tour their Romanian cities and really get to know each other. Traveling through each city they meet higher political figures and learn of each city’s value, for instance, electricity was just being brought into the towns.
They are chased by a mad werewolf, they learn more about their witch powers, and they learn of the curse that was set in motion 18 years prior to their existence and how to overcome it.
They fall in love and the romance increases throughout the book. Their erotic love scenes intensify with a witch’s white magic that glows into a beautiful climax making them both angelic and more powerful due to their true love.
Their story was very heartwarming with how they relied on their families and how the witches stuck together and did everything in their power to protect each other. I loved Stephan’s brother Michael. If you read the first book you will learn what happens to him in the very beginning. However with this installment the secret behind him is finally revealed by the witch Alina in the end which turns the tables for everyone involved regarding the Romanian unification.
The ending kept me on the edge of my seat as it neared its climax, there were sad parts of death and then there were happy and exciting parts for the future life of Michael, Rosa, Stephan, and Caroline. Also, the author even gave us a little hinted teaser with what we could expect for the 3rd book with the next wolf and witch that aim to change the wolfish ways in society.
Overall, I can say this has become an addicting series for me. I am going to be totally jonesing for the 3rd installment. I highly recommend this book (whole series) to all paranormal romance lovers. The author’s writing has me absolutely memorized with her brilliant imagination.
Excellent Read! 

A Fire Fair Review (Musings of the Book-a-holic Fairies)

Twilight Over Moldavia is the second book of the Moldavian Moon series, and is the story of Prince Stefan (the son of the hero and heroine of the first book) and Princess Caroline.

I haven't read the first book yet but I still enjoyed this book a lot. The important parts of the first book were mentioned so I have some ideas regarding the first book.

This is such an awesome read. I love the setting of the story. I've always been fascinated with european history that's why I enjoyed Twilight Over Moldavia a lot. 

Story-wise, I loved the main plot. This is not your typical werewolf/witch story and I like the variation that the author did with the genre. Character-wise, I like the depthness shown by the older characters and the friendship and interaction shown by the younger characters. I especially liked Stefan, Caroline, and Michael's characters. Their personalities are very admirable and I really enjoyed their teamwork in times of need. Romance-wise, Stefan and Caroline are one hot couple. The author did a pretty excellent job on the steamy and tender scenes. The connection between the main couple is very apparent, which I think is just right because their love for each other plays an important role in the story. 

I'm giving Twilight Over Moldavia 4.5 FAIRY WINGS. I can't fault the author's style. And I admire the extensive research done for this book. I recommend this to readers who like fantasy romance. I also recommend reading Book 1. I'm sure it's also a fantastic book and I can't wait to read it soon.

4 Stars, Mommsez
Twilight Over Moldavia was a thrilling read and a sweet historical new adult romance. As a huge fan of the paranormal, I was enthralled with the myth of Piotr Corvinus, ‘the father of us all’, and the creation of werewolves, witches, and vampires. Author Stephanie Burkhart definitely has an inventive and imaginative mind! Combine this myth with curses, black magic, a young couple in love, mystery and court intrigue, and a tour of Romania and its castles, and the reader will find herself on the edge of her seat, as I was.
The sweet romance starts as two 16-year-old royals, Stefan and Caroline, meet and are pledged to each other. Coming together again two years later, they become affianced and are then confronted with Stefan’s curse brought on him by his own mother. These two teenagers, along with Michael, Stefan’s cousin, must defeat the curse in six weeks or lose Stefan to probable death. Twilight Over Moldavia is one of the shorter stories I’ve read this week but it was packed with so much excitement, constant surprises, adventure, and love that I felt as if I’d just read a full-length novel. 
The last part of this book that I thoroughly enjoyed was the history of Romanic–Drakul’s castle, the unusual names of cities, the history of the times. Burkhart does state that she changed several items–names and dates–while writing the book but the history remains. The clothes, food, customs, etc. add to the authenticity of a wonderful story. I have to give this book Four Big Gold Stars!

Tower of Babel

This magical adventure is full of spells, rich 18th century Romanian culture, a steamy love story, and original depictions of supernatural creatures.

I was pleasantly surprised by the use of traditional magic. Witchcraft runs in the bloodline of the royal families in a quirky way, so while it's not publicly displayed it is still accepted and even trained for wise use. I thought it was a cool idea to mix potions and spells with the presence of a certain element in the blood that makes people aware of things like emotions, odors or even danger.

Top assets: enchanting atmosphere, representation of magic in the blood, dynamics between werewolves and witches, romance.

Meh: at a couple of times, writing style seemed a bit stiff, names kept being repeated too often.

3 Stars, Yeah Books!
Witches and werewolves and vampires, oh my! Twilight over Moldavia is the second book in a series of paranormal romance. I have to say I was very entertained. The story starts a little slow, but once it gets rolling, it's an entertaining read. The main character, Stefan, is a well groomed leader for his country: remarkably calm and reserved. He is betrothed to Caroline who steps in to fill her sister's shoes after her untimely death. The unification of Romania is a large piece of the story and the marriage of the pair will create the unity they search for. The story weaves in Romanian history and touches of the rich culture and is reminiscent in feel to Malificent. The author spends time fleshing out the scenery as they pair tour over the country. 

As much as I liked this book, the “tour the country with my bride to be and we fall in love” trope was easy to call despite their falling in love being a gradual progression throughout the book. Stefan and Caroline suit one another well and seem to shore one another's weaknesses. It's a good match.

I'm tempted to pick up the first book in the series so I can learn a little more history behind a few of the elements touched on in remembrance. I think it would bring the story alive a bit more for me. 

3 Stars, Archaeolibririan 
This is book two in series, and I have not read book one. What happened in that book must be recapped enough, as I did not feel I was missing anything, and I could follow the plot nicely.

Stefan and Caroline are now officially engaged, and are touring the country before their arranged wedding. Following them is Timon, the werewolf to whom Stefan was promised in exchange for his conception. He cursed Stefan, with dark magic. The only way to overcome the curse is with pure white magic, the kind that comes with true love. With Stefan and Caroline not having seen each other for two years, can they fall in love in time, before they wed?

Sometimes, I come across a book that taxes my ability to find the right words to tell you how I feel. Sometimes, it's because the book touched me deeply or made me cry or it was just plain awesome. Sometimes, it's just cos it was a nice book, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it.

I didn't hate it, not by a long chalk, but I didn't love it either. It sits firmly and squarely in the nice bookshelf.

The curse is the main plot line, with other lines twisting within the main line along the way, and it made for a good read, in that respect. I did not see the twist with coming with a certain character (I'm not naming said character for spoilers!), although looking back, the hints were there all along! I loved that everyone had their say, even Timon. Sometimes its really good to hear from the bad guy!

The ending was a little weird too. Just when you think they ALL get their happy every after, and people are behaving themselves, THAT happens. So maybe weird isn't the right word, it just wasn't expected.

Caroline and Stefan DO get their HEA here though.

All in all, a good nice book, with a different twist to the origins of werewolves, vampires and witches.

4 Stars, Unabridged Audralyan
An arranged marriage is at the heart of this sophomore edition of the Moldavian Moon series. Prince Stefan travels to Carpathia with the full intentions of locating his betrothed, Princess Caroline. Unfortunately their meeting is cut short by the arrow that Caroline accidentally shoots at him,  but that's beside the point. As witches, they both have immense powers, though Caroline's are only newly discovered. Shortly after their meeting, it is revealed to both of them the dark history of Stefan's mother's secret and repercussions of dealing with werewolves. 

Following up from Stephanie's previous work...Stefan and Caroline are pretty fabulous. Caroline is the perfect combination of sass, accidents, and wit, while Stefan is broody and a total alpha male, but you can really get a chance to see what makes him tick. Additionally we get more info about Michael, Rosa, and Alina than ever before. Yay backstory! 

Heat-wise, I thought that Twilight over Moldavia was even better than it's predecessor. Maybe because I already know these characters somewhat and I already know the I'm more easily able to fall into their story and meet them at their romance. I love the blend of history with fantasy. Very few authors make the attempt to do both genres justice when they blend fact with fiction, but this series is full of historical clarity and supernatural color, making for a great and fun read with lots of depth and "cool factor". 

Hopefully the next book will continue on making these characters some of my favorites to keep visiting! 


  1. Ok, so that is freaky. Wanting his blood? Does he know something about Stefan's curse?

  2. Ok, so that is freaky. Wanting his blood? Does he know something about Stefan's curse?

  3. Freaky, indeed. Good snippet. Makes me want to know more.

  4. Wow. That's a creepy guy. Wonder what his deal is... ;)