Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Review Tuesday: The Martain by Andy Weir #bookreview #themartian

Book Review for: The Martian
Written by: Andy Weir
Random House Publishing
I read: the ebook
Yes, I saw the movie!

4 Stars
A Compelling story of the Human Spirit

Weir pens a futuristic novel that one can believe will come true with “The Martian.” Man has developed the technology to venture to Mars. Our hero, Mark Watney, is a member of the 6 person Ares 3 crew. Six days into the mission, a sand storm forces the crew to evacuate. Watney is injured during the evacuation and presumed dead. Only he isn’t. As the crew of the Hermes head back toward Earth, Watney must survive on Mars by himself. 

Problems pop out of the woodwork. There’s Watney’s immediate dilemma on Mars – making food and water, coupled with NASA’s political issues – what to do once they find out Watney is alive. There’s plenty of twists, turns, and unexpected challenges. 

Weir balances the characters with a fine touch. They’re well-rounded, flawed, and realistic. While the book is an easy read for the most part, I got bogged down on a lot of the technical aspects that Weir tries to explain. If anything, this is why I enjoyed the movie more than the book. The movie made the science easy to understand. 

What works well is the believability that his could happen in the near future. Weir’s researched the topic well and it shows in the realism he brings to the novel, not only in the science but in the characters. Watney’s character inspires hope despite his challenges. Readers can connect and empathize with his plight. 

This is a mainstream fiction book that sparks the reader’s imagination. I would recommend this book for 12 years old and up. Gripping and honest, “The Martian” will keep readers turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next. 

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