Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lifestyle: Finding happiness one Grumpy day at a time

 Me and my Grumpy Cat stuffed cat

I’m a cat person. I had cats growing up. I remember “Gonzo.” He was all black, fluffy, and he would sleep near my feet at bedtime. My cat, “Bart,” would travel 4 hours in my Toyota Corolla when I went to visit friends in Berlin back in 1991. I don’t dislike dogs. We have one now, but I guess I’m just more comfortable around cats. They’re smaller. They fit really nice in a lap. And l like to listen to them purr. It’s soothing.

So why do I adore “Grumpy Cat?” There’s gotta be more than she’s grumpy in a cute kinda’ way and she’s “a cat,” right?

#1 – Grumpy’s advice on life. I love Grumpy’s memes. She says it like it is. Her book, “The Grumpy side of life,” is one of my favorites. My favorite saying: “If life gives you lemons, throw them at someone.”

#2 – Grumpy’s so grumpy, she’s cute. Grumpy’s given name is “Tardar Sauce” and she has feline dwarfism. That’s why she frowns like she does.

#3 – Grumpy has personality. She’s a “You Tube” star. She’s has her own Christmas special, wall calender, is a respected author, and even has Valentine’s cards! There’s even Grumpy balloons, party favors, and a stuffed Grumpy. I wish my dog had half of Grumpy’s personality!


** Grumpy Cat was born “Tardar Sauce.”  She has a brother named “Pokey.”

** Grumpy was born 4 APR 2012 in Morristown, AZ.

** Grumpy’s owner is Tabatha Bundesen.

** Grumpy’s Facebook Page has over 8 million likes!

Visit Grumpy at her website:

Question: do you have a favorite meme or Grumpy saying? Do you have any Grumpy Cat merchandise? Are you planning on giving out Grumpy Cat Valentines? Share your favorite memes, videos, or Grumpy quotes!!


  1. I love the humor behind Grumpy Cat. After all, life isn't as bad as Grumpy shows. There's always something to be happy about.

  2. I love the meme showing the Dementor with the caption: I will eat your happiness. And Grumpy's reply: You will starve.

  3. Fun post. I love cats and dogs. I have a cat named Bruce and he's 18 pound, bigger than my dog! Bruce is a lover and wants to be in your lap all the time, while my dog isn't so much.

  4. Melissa, I share your philosophy when it comes to Grumpy's humor. Laurel, that's an awesome meme!! Judy, there's nothing like a lap cat, though I think dogs are more demonstrative with their affection.