Monday, April 13, 2015

Now available as an ebook: 1st Flag of New Hampshire #middleschoolfiction

Now available as an Ebook for 4.99: First Flag of New Hampshire.  It's a children's middle school fiction book, grades 5-9.

BLURB: It’s the start of the school year, and Alyssa has to take American Studies for college prep. She’s paired with classmate Miguel De Soto to find the first flag of New Hampshire, but the flag has only flown four times in New Hampshire’s past. Can Alyssa and Miguel track the flag through history before time is up?


#1: What inspired you to write the story?

STEPHANIE: I wanted to write a mystery story involving two young sleuths so I took a page out of my own background and routed the setting in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Aly and Miguel are honor students taking an honors class "American Studies."  It's through this class they're exposed to "American/State" mysteries.  The first book is Flag Flag of New Hampshire. 

#2: How long did it take?

STEPHANIE: It took between 4-6 weeks.   

#3: Why set the story in New Hampshire?

STEPHANIE: I come from the area so I'm familiar with it.  I did some research and discovered New Hampshire has a rich colonial history that was fun to tap into.  

#4: What makes this book special? Did you pick the illustrator? 

STEPHANIE: There's plenty of mystery.  It will appeal to a wide, young middle school audience. No, 4RV picked the illustrator. I think Ginger Nelson did a fanstastic job capturing Aly, Miguel and appeal of autumn. 

#5: How long have you been writing for 4RV Publishing.

STEPHANIE: Since 2010. My 1st children's book was "The Giving Meadow," and just recently, "Brady's Lost Blanket" was published. 


5 Stars, Amazon Customer, Amazon Review:  The story was fast paced, fresh, and I learned a lot about the first flag of New Hampshire.

4 Stars, Cheryl C. Malandrinos, Amazon Reviewer: Stephanie Burkhart makes history fun in this engaging middle school/young adult story.

Author Bio:

Stephanie Burkhart was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, but now calls California her home. She currently works for LAPD as a 911 Dispatcher. Stephanie has been writing since she was five, when she crafted homemade comic books on the kitchen table. Her previous books with 4RV Publishing include: The Giving Meadow and Brady's Lost Blanket.   Stephanie enjoys coffee, adores chocolate and is currently the Den Leader for her son's Cub Scout Den.

First Flag of New Hampshire is now available as ebook.





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