Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Book Review for: The Maze Runner
Written by: James Dashner
DelaCore Press
ISBN: 978-0-37589377-3
Avail in print and as an ebook

5 Stars – Gripping! Doesn't let go

Dashner pens a suspenseful young adult dystopian fiction with "The Maze Runner." Teenager Thomas finds his memory wiped as he's transported to the Glade, a green habitat where other teenage boys live. They are surrounded by a maze that they must solve in order to survive, but the maze changes every night and is guarded by spider-like metallic/organic creatures called Grievers.

Thomas soon makes friends with the other boys and becomes a maze runner. When Teresa, a girl, arrives in the glade, she triggers "the end." Can the gladers fight the grievers and find a way out of the maze? And if they do, what kind of world will they discover when they learn sun flares have wrecked half the Earth and a highly contagious plague has devastated the human population?

Dashner's writing pulls you into the action and makes the reader believe they are a glader right next to Thomas. The plot is fast-paced, just giving the reader enough clues to keep them turning the page.

Dashner's characters prove endearing. Thomas puts his welfare above others. Newt strives to do what is right. Chuck is loyal and Teresa, an enigma.

The ending is satisfying, yet leaves the reader eager for the next novel in the series. The story is a YA novel for 13 years and older. "The Maze Runner" will leave you breathless and wanting to find out what happens next.

Question for you: Did you see the Maze Runner movie?  What dystopian fiction have you recently read? 

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