Friday, August 29, 2014

Book Review Friday: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan #bookreview

Book Review for: The House of Hades
Written by: Rick Riordan
Disney/Hyperion Books
ISBN: 978-142314672-8
Avail: in print and ebook

5 Stars

A Terrific Page Turner!

Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus race against the clock to stop Gaea and her minions in this suspense packed tale filled with action and adventure. Percy and Annabeth travel through Tartarus on their way to find and close the Doors of Death. If they can't close the doors in Tartarus, Gaea will keep sending her minions through. Percy and Annabeth get help from a Titan and a Giant, but will it be enough to accomplish their mission?

On land, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel and Nico encounter obstacle after obstacle as they strive to find the House of Hades and the Doors of Death on Earth. Both Hazel and Nico, children of Hades, must embrace their own individual and unique underworld heritage or their quest will fail.

Riordan's writing is crisp and sharp. His characters demonstrate strengths and weaknesses, making them wonderfully human and totally relatable. Hazel doubts her abilities, but in the face of true adversity, she finds her courage. Nico is a loner, but must find the bravery and inner strength to wield Diocletian's scepter. Riordan effortlessly blends adventure and characterization. There's action, suspense, and several anxious moments as each hero faces a challenge they must overcome and everyone learns a little something about themselves.

What makes Riordan's writing shine is how he gives the old Greek and Roman gods a modern twist, making their stories interesting for a contemporary young adult audience. I highly recommend this book for 11 years on up.

There's never a dull moment for our heroes in the House of Hades. The story resolves the "Mark of Athena's" cliffhanger and will leave you anxiously anticipating the next book in the series.  

Question for you: Who is your favorite character in the Heroes of Olympus series? 

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