Friday, May 31, 2013

New Release - 99 cent paranormal romance - Night of Magic

My latest release is a sweet/sensual paranormal romance for 99 cents!


Samhain ~ Dark... Dangerous... Powerful... 
The year is 800 AD on the Emerald Isle.

Five years ago, Prince Jasper lost his daughter Aithne to the world on the other side of the bonfires. Every year since, Jasper sends champions to this other world on the day of Samhain, when the barrier is weakest. 

This year, Finn braves the bonfires in search of Aithne, but dare he follow his heart? Or will greed dictate his actions?

It's now avail on Amazon in the KDP Select program.  


I have to admit it's one of my favorite covers with Jimmy Thomas! 

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