Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Review for: Valentine Babies by Mona Risk

Enjoy this week's Tuesday's Book Review offering! 

4 Stars
Reviewer: Steph Burkhart 

Roxanne Ramsey has a career she loves as a reporter seeking out international stories, but will unexpected complications send her life in a different direction?

The story opens with Roxanne attending her sister's wedding as a bridesmaid, but Rosanne's just discovered she's pregnant and the father has been killed in Iraq. One of the bridegrooms, Greg, reaches out to Roxy with a kind, caring hand and she embraces his offer. Over the course of several weeks, they grow close, but Roxy is concerned Greg will never want her because of her condition. Both Roxy and Greg have emotional issues to overcome, but are they insurmountable?

Risk pens a highly entertaining and emotional story with "Valentine Babies." Her writing is easy to read (it always is) and it effortlessly wraps the reader around the story. The plot moves at a nice clip, not too fast or slow.

The journey the characters take is heartwarming. Roxy is at a crossroads with two paths in front of her. Which one will she take? Greg has an honest, noble heart, but possesses a fear of flying. Will that fear ruin his future?

The story is sweet for romance readers with Greg and Roxy sharing several kisses and tender embraces. Overall, "Valentine Babies," is an endearing story that makes one believe that the power of love can overcome anything. I highly recommend this story.

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