Saturday, December 10, 2011

What's the Skinny with Angry Birds?

I am hooked on "Angry Birds." I never thought it would happen, but this app based game appeals to my inner child.

It happened one night at 4 a.m. There I was plugged into 911, waiting for a call. Let's face it, people are sleeping at 4 in the morning and not calling 911. When my brain started getting numb from the lack of sleep and I ran out of the scandal rags (People, US, Star, The Enquirer) I pulled out my Kindle Fire and gave Angry Birds a try. Before I knew it, 2 hours zipped by and it was time to go home.

For those not familiar with the Birds, I've got the skinny. Finnish computer gamers, Rovio, developed the Birds. Players use a slingshot to shoot birds at pigs. The goal? Destroy the pigs. Why? A group of hungry green pigs have stolen the Bird's eggs. As you work your way up, you get red, blue, black, and white birds. You earn points by damaging structures, destroying pigs and you get bonus points for unused birds.

And if you fail to kill the pigs those ugly little buggers smile "nah-nah" at you. I can't help but love to hate the pigs.

Why pigs? Well, while the developers were working on the concept, the swine flu was going around. Seemed only fitting to make the bad guys "pigs."

Don't ask me about the mighty eagle. I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm at "Poached Eggs."

Angry Birds is a free app. You can download it to most phones, but I usually play the game on my Kindle Fire.

For those that are really hooked on the game, they offer plush toys of the birds – and the pigs! On Nov 11, 2011, the 1st Angry Birds retail store opened in Helsinki.

Not bad for an app, huh? We've come a long way since Monopoly.

Fess up: Do you play Angry Birds? Who is your favorite bird? If you can tell me about the mighty eagle, I'm giving away some chocolate and candles.



  1. Angry Birds is all the rage, it seems! The app must be doing something right. My son loves it, and now they've got Angry Birds merchandise. Who can tell what seizes the imagination?

  2. My son and his kids are playing this Angry Bird on his iPad. He even called this year turkey Angry Bird. Have fun.

  3. Hi Stephanie games are addicting for me. I just tried the Google Chrome version of this game and loved it. If I had a Kindle or the capability to add it to my phone I would lol.

  4. I've love to get an Angry Birds tshirt for the boys but haven't had enough time to hunt them down. LOL!!

    Mona, they had turkey angry birds? LOL!! There's a bird for all seasons it seems.

    Kathy, oh my gosh, the birds are a hoot, aren't they?

  5. I love Angry Birds so much I bought the commercial one -- a whopping 99 cents, plus I have Angry Bird Rio, Angry Bird Seasons. Right now they an Advent Angry Birds. You get a new level every day this month.

    Favorite? the silly orange one that blows up into a giant balloon. I also love the black, exploding one and the three blue birds. For them you need the sound turned up. They basically say wheeee as they fly then oof umph when they hit something.

    I got hooked on them before I even had a smart phone. My daughter showed it to me on hers and gave me a half hour to play it. Hooked. Worse than heroin.

    BTW I also love Cut the Rope. I thought it would be stupid (like Angry Birds isn't) but how can you not love Om Nom and all his antics when he's waiting for you to get the candy to him.

  6. Have not gotten sucked into this. I've stayed away on purpose since it seems to be addictive and I can't take on one more thing. LOL! Glad you are enjoying it.

  7. I love angry birds. I told myself I wouldn't get sucked into it but I tried the free app, then went and bought the 99 cent one. I've even been looking for an Angry Birds ornament for my tree but have not found one.

    The Might Eagle is an extra app that a player can purchase. My daughter calls it a 'cheat' as the Might Eagle always destoys all the mocking pigs. It can only be used once in an hour and is to help players get past a level they are finding difficult.