Friday, December 30, 2011

Stephs Top 10 "Anything Goes" list for 2011

Well, it's that time of the year when people look back and reflect on the old before ringing in the new. Everyone has a list. Even David Letterman. So I thought I'd share my top 10 anything goes list for 2011 with you. Mind you, the "loose" thread that holds my list together is the theme of entertainment.

My list is broad in scope, but I hope you'll find it fun. – Oh and #11 and #12 are honorable mentions!

#12 – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie
I just saw this movie the other day and I LOVED it. Now, I haven't read the book, so the movie has motivated me to read the book. David Fincher's opening is classic Fincher – the music right off the bat stirs the restless anxiety of the soul, setting the mood and tone of the movie. The casting was excellent. I'm anxious to explore Lisbeth's world.

#11 – After Midnight by Sarah Grimm
I absolutely adore how Sarah tells a story. "After Midnight" is a taunt contemporary romance that will have the reader aching for Isabeau to find comfort and love in Noah's arms.

#10 – Lady Gaga
Okay, I'm a Monster, I admit it. I love a good beat and Gaga has it. Yes, she's eclectic and down right strange at times, but she's no dummy and makes a ton more money than me. Hey, "Telephone" is the one song me and boys can all sing together. You go, GaGa.

#9 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie

This movie was a most adapt conclusion to a fabulous movie franchise. It captured the flavor of the book in several ways by staying honest to the characters and the emotions they go through. Daniel Radcliffe's "Harry Potter" embodied determination, inner strength, and courage, all positive traits that I hope resonate with my boys.

#8 – The Count's Lair by Stephanie Burkhart
In 2011, this is the one book I wrote that I hold close to my heart. It's a paranormal romance set in 1901 Budapest, Hungary. Anton's had a tough life, compounded by the fact he's a werewolf. He yearns to earn Amelia's love, but can she believe his secret? The Count's Lair was a Silver Award Winner in the Reader's Favorite 2011 Competition in the Romance Sci-Fi/Fantasy category. It was also nominated for the Book of the Week with Long and Short Reviews and earned 5 Hearts from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews.

#7 – Kindle Fire
I'm a Kindle fan, so I had to get the Fire when it came out and I'm not disappointed. I love the color screen and how the book covers are vividly displayed. I love playing Angry Birds on my Fire. I've downloaded a couple of kids' shows to keep my boys occupied in the car. I've got apps, books, and shows on my Fire. I really don't need anything else.

#6 – Priceless Deception by Jennifer Ann Coffeen
This is a regency romance. Madeline and Colin ooze with sexual tension as they try to find the French Blue Diamond. Coffeen's writing is sharp and witty, making this a delightful read.

#5 – Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen
This is a historical romance set in England at the end of the Napoleonic wars. The Smythes are spies, but don't discover the other is a spy until they're called to a meeting. As they compete for a job, they try to get one up on the other and that completive spirit rekindles the romance their marriage was lacking. I'm a fan of Galen's writing and she doesn't disappoint with this offering.

#4 – The Arrival of Lily Curtis by Rachel Brimble
This is a historical romance set in the 1890's England. Andrew feels cornered into getting married, as does noblewoman Lily. She manages to escape – to Andrew's home and finds a job as a maid. Can love blossom despite the expectations of the age? Brimble's writing flows like a smooth glass of wine, sweet, yet sinful. Andrew and Lily possess a combustible chemistry that will leave the reader turning the pages.

#3 – Derek Hough and Anna Trebunskaya dance the Paso Doble on Dancing with the Stars

I love this show. The dancers have inspired my own boys to get out and take lessons. Derek and Anna gave this Paso a life of its own that made for a heart pounding routine.

# Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane dance the Viennese Waltz

Yes, I admit, the Viennese Waltz elements were "light" in this dance, but the routine had me and my boys riveted to the TV Screen. An inspiring performance that was creative and full of imagination. Breathtaking.

#1 – Game of Thrones

What I loved about this series was the characterization. There are so many different characters from Daenerys to Tyrion that you just feel for them. And who could forget the Lannisters – the clan you love to hate? The casting was "spot on" and the settings so vivid, they bring the pages of the book to life. Another thing I appreciated was how true to the book the TV show was. Peter Dinklage who plays "Tyrion" won an Emmy for "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series." The Series was nominated for an Emmy for "Best Drama Series," and "Main Title Design."

What's on your top ten anything goes list for 2011?

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  1. I love Game of Thrones! So that would be on my list too, but #2. #1 would have to be the Walking Dead.

    Great list, btw.

  2. I don't really have a top ten the year started with my husband in the hospital in ICU even then progressed to his death on 30 Nov. My thing is to make it through the rest of the weekend. We met on New Year's Eve it was magic. Get through this and then there is 19 Feb my birthday and our anniversary. I will have to focus on being 60 instead of 41 years of marriage. My number one goal for 2012 is to move out on my own away from my sister. No we are NOT best friends we tolerate each other at the most lol.

  3. I enjoyed Game of Thrones as well, and a new series this fall on network TV - Grimm. My brain won't cooperate with a memory reel of 2011. We've had a lot of extended family challenges this year, so I am especially glad to see the END of 2011. Here's hoping for a very happy new year - for everyone! Maggie

  4. I am so with you on the routines from DWTS and I'll add Chris Jericho's waltz w/Cheryl from the previous season. As per books, Kristen Lamb's WE ARE NOT ALONE, THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA, stands out from the many I've read this past year. And I really enjoyed this one particular author's football blog--what's her name again? ;)

    HNY to you and yours, Steph!

  5. And JR Martinez's Samba has to be added to the DWTS' list, too, and his dance for those who won't be coming home. Don't think I was ever so touched in my DWTS viewing history.

  6. One of my favorite memories of 2011 will remain my cruise through the Danube and reading your Wolf's Torment set in that area. It added to the pleasure of reading a book. Another peak was to receive a fan's reviews telling me how much she loved my books.

  7. Jmo, I don't think I've seen "Walking Dead." Must be something special if it is your #1 thought. :)

    Kathy, ((hugs)) I'm so sorry for your loss and I'm in your corner. You have my prayers.

    Maggie, I haven't seen Grimm. Is it a detective show? I saw that Once Upon A Time and that's kinda interesting if you're willing to say "what if." I've always loved "what if" questions. ((hugs)) here's hoping 2012 treats you nicer.

    Mona, I would so love to take a cruise on the Danube. I'm so excited to hear you had that opportunity. And I'm so glad you enjoyed "The Wolf's Torment."

    Joanna. Me? My football blog? *blushes* I agree - both Chris and JR's dances were awesome. I have to admit, last season had a lot of "star" dance talent.