Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Review Friday - White Tiger

I just want to gush a little about Vijaya Schartz, her novel, White Tiger, and it's award winning cover! hehe. I always wanted to read this story, but it got put on the backburner with all my other stuff I had to read. I wanted to read it because I like sci-fi/speculative/futuristic type stories. Boy did Vijaya deliever. This story had me riveted. I was anxiously looking forward to reading it and hated it when I had to put it down.

Also, the cover won EPIC's award for best sci-fi/futuristic cover and the QUASAR award from EPIC for best overall cover. That told me the story inside was just as special.

Here's my review.


5 Stars

Schartz has created a world rich in futuristic mythology with "White Tiger," Book One in the Chronicles of Kassouk. Tora is a human soldier whose loyalty to the Emperor is without question. As she follows Field Marshall Killion to war, she meets a man called Dragomir who challenges all that she knows to be true about the world.

The novel is set on the plant of Kassouk. The plant's natural climate is Arctic. Humans settled there after leaving a decimated Earth. They know the planet as New Earth.

The Godds have also come to Kassouk, but it's obvious they are an alien race. There are no female Godds so they mate with human females called Valshas. Their children are known as mutants. The Godds provide for the humans, but they also have enemies – the Reptoids. When the Reptoids shoot down the weather satellite that controls the weather, the climate on Kassouk becomes frigid. The Godds prepare to leave, but only after harvesting their female mutant children's eggs.

Tora, daughter of a great general, realizes there is change in the air when the satellite is shot down. The Reptoids and Zerkers pursue the humans of Kassouk, and so Tora takes her company White Tiger, and follows Field Marshall Killion's army into battle.

Along the way, she meets Dragomir, a man who ignites the more passionate, baser emotions in her. Dragomir confesses to be a mutant, but harbors secrets. He warns Tora of a human traitor and leaves after the couple share a forbidden night of passion.

Can Tora find the traitor to the human race and rekindle the love she shared with Dragomir.

Schartz's writing is crisp, original, and filled with creativity. The plot is smooth, action-packed, and moves fast.

"White Tiger" uses a good economy of words to explain the rich mythology and exotic locales of Kassouk without weighing down the reader.

The novel has a strong supporting cast that quickly endears itself to the reader. Driana is a loyal friend, Leah is a clever and beautiful mutant, Phaleg is the fierce Reptoid leader, and Khor and Kasil are the heartless Godds.

Dragomir is honest and loyal, brave in the face of adversity. His only weakness is his love for Tora. Tora is also loyal to her beliefs and exhibits a courage to be admired.

The love scenes are sensual and tasteful. From the first page to the last, "White Tiger" will take the reader for a breathless ride filled with action, adventure, myths, and love.

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