Thursday, July 15, 2010

Surprisingly, I didn't take a lot of pictures this year at Catalina. The last picture was taken this year, us in our condo that we rented. Perhaps I was too busy, perhaps I forgot more often that naught. I can't say. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not taking more.

Anyway, I shared a couple of pictures that help give you the "flavor" of Catalina. The USC marching band opened up the golf cart parade and played the Casino on the evening of the 4th. I always enjoy seeing the marching band. (It's made me a USC fan!) But there's something about loud band music that's infectious. The next picture is the boardwalk next to the water.

This year the weather was overcast the entire time. We got the last remaining bit of what's called "June Gloom" in Southern California - that last dose of mild weather before the temperatures become scorching hot. It even misted on the 4th of July.

We took the first boat out of San Pedro on Saturday morning and both the boys did well. I watched old videos on my ITunes on my Mac when Joe got bored with cartoons. We took a taxi up to our condo in Hamilton Cove. The condo was nice. Plenty of room for us and MIL & FIL. And it was nice to have our own space.

Andrew's cousins, Sam & Sandy were there with their kids and the kids had a nice time. Joe played with Cody (who is Joe's age) in the grass at Descanso beach and tuckered himself out. He feel asleep at 430 and didn't wake up until the next morning. (It can be that way with a sensory sensitive kid)

On the 4th, my DH tried to fish but it was too misty old. Andrew caught a big big fish. Andrew & I went to mass then caught up with everyone for the parade. Andrew rode in Uncle Mike's golf cart and threw out candy. I stayed with Joe on the side o the road and watched him watch the parade. He stayed in the cart and wasn't too much of a pistol. That evening we BBQ at the beach, the kids played in the sand and we watched the fireworks over the bay from the side of the road. It was Joe's first fireworks. He clapped his hand and said "OHHHHHH." He watched them for about 5 min and then went back to playing his DS!

Monday we took the kids on the glass bottom boat and saw a lot of cool fish. Joe liked it but it was hard for him to sit still. Tues it was back to the mainland. It was a nice getaway and I was so glad Joe wasn't a handful like he was last year. Can't wait for next year....


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  1. Love the family photo with the coordinating shirts for the fourth!