Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shout out to LK Hunsaker & Mercer Library

A Basket Full of Romance is up for grabs at the Mercer PA newly renovated library!

Actually, 6 baskets with 6 different themes are up for raffle, donated by library patrons. The basket in the picture was one that fellow Classic Romance Revival authork, LK Hunsaker, put together. Loraine is a friend of the libarary and received a call for themed basket donations in the newsletter and decided to go for romance and reading!

She put out the call a few weeks before the basket was due and the Classic Romance Revival authors responded with donated books, ebooks, pens, and postcards!

I remember when I was kid growing up, I would love to visit the library in my hometown, Manchester, NH. (in the 1980's) There were all KINDS of books, audio recordings, and just plain fun stuff! Mind you, I don't go to the library like I used to, but when Loraine said she was putting this together, I wanted to participate. Libraries foster reading and creativity and I support that a lot.

The basket contains:

Print Books by CRR authors:

One Small Victory by Maryann Miller
Samael by Marion DeSisto
Turning To Nature by Marion DeSisto
Protect The Heart by LK Hunsaker
Finishing Touches by LK Hunsaker
Destination Berlin by S. G. Cardin
The Giving Meadow by Stephanie Burkhart
The Duke’s Dilemma by Rachel McNeely
The Best Selling Toy by Elaine Cantrell
A Knight’s Vow by Lindsay Townsend (donated by LK Hunsaker)
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Deborah McGillivray (donated by LK Hunsaker)

Print Books by non-CRR authors (donated by S. G. Cardin):
Dragon Lair by Sharon K. Penman
Loving A Lost Lord by Mary Jo Putney

Ebooks on CD:

Turtle Soup by Danielle Thorne
Frontier Wife by Margaret Tanner
Holly and the Millionaire by Margaret Tanner
Thin Ice by Liana Laverentz (Liana also donated 2 print books for the library to keep!)
Tarbaby Trouble by Phoebe Matthews
The Cupid Diaries “Moments in Time” – short stories by CRR Authors

Promo Items:

Pens and postcards from Stephanie Burkhart (aka S.G. Cardin)
Postcards from Phoebe Matthews
Pencils and postcards from LK Hunsaker
Flyers from Maryann Miller

Also included:

A CD sampler with the first two chapters of Finishing Touches by LK Hunsaker along with the song included in the novel: Love Is Yours And Mine by Duncan Faure, autographed by Duncan

A large red “Rose Garden” candle custom made for the basket by

A few Hershey Kisses for flavor ;-)

So if you’re in the Mercer County area and would love a little romance and reading break, grab raffle tickets at the library! And be sure to check out the authors above who so generously donated to help build the library’s fund! (All romances in the basket are on the classic side. Check CRR for details.)

Thanks Loraine for doing this!


  1. Hey Steph! Thanks so much for your donations and for this post. :-)

    I agree, libraries are so necessary and deserve our support.

  2. Hi Steph. I've sent you three emails and they keep bouncing. I don't know if AOL is having issues or what, but thought I'd contact you here. Aug. 4th is super. I'll be emailing you interview questions today, if I can get them through. :(

    Have a good day. :) (Need a smilie too.)


  3. Bev, sorry to hear about the emails. I hope it gets fixed soon. 4 AUG! Got it!

  4. Yup, Aug 4. Right.

    I'm puzzled, Steph. I sent your interview questions earlier today and got that evil message again that it wasn't delivered. It mentions a SPAM FLAG. Weird. My other emails seem to be getting through ok. I've had replies to them today. Is there another way I can contact you? I don't know what else to do. :(