Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome Guest Author - Diane Craver

Is Mallory Harrington jinxed because her name means luckless?

Things have gone wrong for Mallory since she was a small child. All she ever wanted was to have a complete family and live happily ever after. It appears she has it all when she marries Toby Harrington and they have a son. Unfortunately, their marriage ends when Toby has an affair with his law partner. After their divorce, Mallory doesn't think she should ever get married again.

Mallory decides to get a surgical procedure that she's always wanted, but meeting plastic surgeon, Doctor Seth Whitman, complicates her life. Seth realizes that having Mallory as a patient might not work. She intrigues him too much. He wants to spend more time with her, but definitely not on the operating table.

Mallory learns that sometimes faith is about accepting what can’t be changed and grabbing what God offers her. Life must go on.


After leading him into the study, she walked to the closet and opened the white door. Vases of every size filled the closet.

"This is wonderful." He looked at her. "Did you get your grandmother's artistic talent?"

She laughed. "I'm afraid not. I can barely draw stick figures."

Forty-five minutes later, Seth stood at Mallory's front door. He'd finally written her a check and told her not to look at it until he left. He'd selected a large vase with painted cherry blossoms plus a matching jar for herbs. His mom had an herb garden, so he knew she'd be excited about his gift.

He wanted to kiss Mallory. Surely a peck on the cheek should be appropriate with him being at her house. He was not her doctor at the moment. He leaned down to her. His lips brushed her cheek, and Mallory pulled him closer to her.

She whispered, "Here's a birthday kiss for you."

With her in his arms, he felt Mallory's breasts against his chest. When their lips met, energy surged through him. Maybe it was only a birthday kiss, but he hoped that it could be the beginning for something much more. He could see them as a couple. But was there a chance of this happening? He had no way of knowing if he'd get the opportunity to date Mallory after she recovered from her surgery, but he knew one thing for sure.

He never wanted Mallory to think his only interest in her was as her surgeon. He wanted so much more from this incredible woman.
Small Author Bio:
Diane enjoys her life with her husband and six children in southwestern Ohio. Her husband of thirty-four years is very supportive, as well as her awesome children. She writes contemporary romance, inspirational romance, women’s fiction, and chick-lit mystery. Diane published first in nonfiction, and later she decided to also write fiction.
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I like to write inspirational romances because writing about Christian characters facing challenges of love in today’s world is rewarding. It's meaningful and fun to have the characters express their faith in real life drama. Even though my stories are emotional, they also have lighthearted moments. I like to give my heroes and heroines a sense of humor.

I enjoyed writing about my characters falling in love in my two inspirational romances, No Greater Loss and Marrying Mallory. Luke Brunsman and Jennifer Hunter meet in an unusual way in No Greater Loss. Jennifer does an emergency delivery of a baby in a rural grocery store. Luke happens to be shopping at the same time and assists her. The miracle of life touches each one in a different way. In Marrying Mallory, the sparks fly instantly when Mallory goes to see the charming Dr. Seth Whitman about having plastic surgery. However, her friend Elizabeth thinks a minister acquaintance, Jeremy, is the right guy for Mallory. Seth's attraction for Mallory causes problems for him. He'd rather date Mallory than operate on her. In both inspirationals, I have conflict, drama and suspense.


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  1. Hi Steph,
    Thank you for having me here. You have a great blog. I like your schedule for what's happening each day! You're way more organized than I am. :) I'm impressed!

  2. Diane and Steph--I've had quite a day. But here I am--a little behind. I would never have thought to write a romance about a woman who wants some kind of surgical procedure to boost her self-confidence. The fact that she finds a doctor who likes her as she is may be the best romance of all. I've always said I got everything I ever wanted with crooked teeth (not bad, though) and glasses.And I got a handsome, great guy who most certainly could have done better. I asked him once why he married me--answer--"because you're honest." (I hope this doesn't go out on the internet.)Hmmm, I'd take that answer any day of the week over "because you're beautiful." Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Celia

  3. Celia,

    You have a great husband - what a sweetheart. And being an honest person is more important than beauty.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and I just got on here myself. I think you and I need more hours in the day to get everything done. LOL

  4. Hi Steph and Diane,
    When you ladies find some of those extra hours, please send a few my way. LOL
    I always love to visit with you Diane. I've found some lovely blogs this way, this one included. I loved Marrying Mallory, a great story.

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Thank you! I'm glad you loved Marrying Mallory! You definitely need some extra hours -you're a busy lady, too!

  6. Diane, I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner, Sigh... I had to work yesterday, but it was great having you here, Sweetie. I liked Marrying Mallory very much. I think Mallory's reasons for wanting her procedure were very realistic. It has a very inspirational message.

    It was great to have you here today, Diane.

  7. I just saw the link for this today. I'm telling you, Diane, this story is all about spring time. Just perfect for the marrying Mallories all around. I love stories that inspire and uplift.