Monday, April 12, 2010

Except Monday - from the Be Mused Anthology, "Matchmaking Amusements"

Be Mused is available now through Desert Breeze Publishing.

Muses are fickle creates, sprinkling inspiration on their wards as they see fit.

They live in a world just right of center from ours, and to them, we're just the day job. Muses need lives too, you know.

Enjoy this collection of stories compiled by several authors at Desert Breeze Publishing that will give you some insight into the world of the ethereal creatures who inspire the arts.

Contributing authors:
J. Morgan
Katie Charles
Stephanie Burkhart
Nicole Zoltack
Sandra Sookoo

Excerpt from my story, "Matchmaking Amusement."

Isolde jumped on top of the monitor, her wings beating fast. "Alexi slides off the cliff. John offers his hand. Alexi spits on him and lets go, falling to his death."
"Perfect!" cried Jane. Isolde grinned with pride. Jane's fingers typed so fast, Isolde thought she was watching a NASCAR race. Jane dramatically paused and then typed the last two words slowly. "The end."
Isolde jumped off the monitor and did a happy dance on the maps. "You did it!"
"I'm going to send it off to Gus and wait for his edits."
Isolde stopped dancing, pointed a finger at her human and winked. "While you edit, I’m taking a vacation."
"A vacation? You can't leave now!"
"Why not? There's a difference between editing and writing."
"No buts. I've spent eleven months on this project. I need a vacation."
"Where will you go?" asked Jane.
"Ah, I think I'll check out this Berchtesgaden where the book ends at."
Jane pouted. "You can't wait until I’m done with these edits?"
Isolde touched her shoulders with her fingers. "My job is done."
Jane wrinkled her nose. "I guess. Have fun. Send me a postcard. When are you going to leave?"
Jane sighed and leaned forward, smelling the lilacs.


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