Saturday, April 10, 2010

Congrats to the Be Mused GRAND prize winner - LK Hunsaker!

I'm proud to announce the Grand prize winner for my Be Mused mini blog tour is - (tada!) LK Hunsaker!!

She won a Be Mused mouse pad, Be Mused Coffee Mug, 2 Be Mused Magnets and several signed postcards.

Now my requirement was that you had to post on all the blogs but that didn't happen. :( So what I did was I went to every blog and wrote down the name of everyone who posted on a "post it" and threw the "post it" in a hat. If you visited more than one blog, I put your name in the hat for that visit. My son, Joe, pulled out the winner.

Congrats again to Loraine! I really appreciate all the support I received on the tour and I hope to see you next month when I go a mini blog tour for my novel, "The Hungarian."

Here's a book teaser I had made up for my short story in the Be Mused antholgy, "Matchmaking Amusements." Enjoy! Steph LORAINE: Send me your snail mail so I can mail out the prize.


  1. Congrats on winnings. Great support.

  2. Way to go, Loraine! Congratulations!

  3. It was a fun blog tour. I'm looking forward to doing it again with "The Hungarian."