Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week 4 NaNoWriMo Update! Finished!

It's week 4 of NaNoWriMo and as I write this, there are only 2 more days to finish your novel. While I'm not entirely done, I did finish 50K words so I'm a THRILLED. It wasn't an easy journey for me and I knew when I signed up in October that it would be challengeing to say the least. It would be challeging because:

#1 - I work full time from 6 pm to 2 am
#2 - I have a 3 year old
#3 - I still have a house to take care of, dishes to wash, clothes to clean, vacuming, etc

To prepare - and I did prepare, I picked a project I knew I was ready to write, "The Count's Lair." This is a paranormal romance which is the sequel to "The Hungarian." (which will be released by Desert Breeze Publishing in May 2010.) I had the plot roughly outlined, I'd done my research about Budapest, and 1901, and I had done background sheets on my main characters, "Anton and Amelia." All I had to do come Nov 1st was sit down and write.

Nov 1 hit and I was already 6K words into the project, but then real life hit, too. I worked, I hung out with my 3 year old, I did the dishes. If I wasn't doing that, I was writing. It was challenging. I wrote during times of the day I don't usually write.

One thing that really helped was going to the It's A Grind coffeeshop on Tues and Thurs and meeting up with my writing buddy, Jen. I did sign up under the LA chapter on the official site but I wouldn't travel all the way down to LA so Jen and I set up our own support writing group. It was great. I just want to give a shout out to Jen and her encouragment. She's fantastic!

Yesterday, I finished and posted my 50K words. It was very rewarding to hit the big 50K. The novel is just over a 1/2 done. Now I can finish it at a more leisurely pace. I can also get back to some things I've neglected like my book reading, my review reading and a couple of blog posts for other blogs I'd like to do.

I just want to thank everyone for their support - especially Jen & Gail from Desert Breeze. And I saw Vivian from 4RV pop in as well. Thank you. Your encouragment as meant a lot to me. I'd also like to give a shout out to my at work editor, Kathy Kravitz who has a bead on my characters just like I do.

Look for my blog to get a little more loving care for me. I also put off my official Nov newsletter, but I'll be back in December.

Here's the blurb for NaNoWriMo novel:
Can a man haunted by an ancient curse fall in love? That’s what Count Anton Varga dares to explore when he meets beautiful and talented Lady Amelia Andr├íssy. Anton rediscovers Amelia in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, giving a concert and he hungers to pursue her, only he has a secret which he fears she will not accept. With the help and support of his friend and servant, Georg, Anton decides to win Amelia’s heart. Will the journey bring him the love he’s hungered for, or will it tear his heart apart?

Here's a small excerpt from the novel. It's under contract to Desert Breeze so I'm very excited to have given the project a good start. Anton is taking Amelia to the Kris Kringle (Christmas) markets in downtown Budapest. Enjoy!

The auto entered the Pest side of the city. Her eyes darted to the window, afraid to meet his, not daring to release a firestorm between them. People darted along the street, all dressed in thick winter coats. It was then she realized that Anton wore a light overcoat. She reached out, grasping his hand. He was unusually warm.

He smiled at her. “Are you cold?”

“A little. The auto’s warm enough, but you’re hot.”

“I suppose I am.”

“Why is that?”

He pursed his lips, as if uncomfortable with her question. “My temperature is a little higher than most.”

“How can that be?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Complicated?” she questioned.

“Unbelievable, almost.”

“I’d like to know if you want to tell me.”

His eyes softened to an almost cerulean shade of blue. The auto came to a stop. Anton directed his attention toward the driver.

“Bela, meet us here in two hours.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Anton opened the door for Amelia. She slid out of the auto and put her gloves back on. Amelia noticed Anton didn’t wear gloves, and he didn’t have his scarf around his neck. He fell into an easy pace beside her as they navigated down a busy street, surrounded by people heading toward the Kris Kringle markets like they were.

He stiffened a little as he faced her. “I’m not proud of my actions. This is not something I find easy to talk about,” he said finally.

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