Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday's Stuff - The Writing World

Here's some items from the Writing/Publishing World.

From Publisher's Weekly:

Ebooks are picking up. "Books on Board" has grown into one of the largest independent e-book retailers in the country, offering more than 400,000 e-book titles. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have gotten back into the eBook business and with the Kindle growing in popularity, so are eBooks.

Why eBooks?

eBooks are green. No paper waste. With some readers you can set the font. Readers are easy to carry. You can get an ebook instantly.

From Publisher's Weekly
Dan Sinker—founder, editor, Web designer and chief technologist of, a new digital reading venture that offers short narrative content to readers via their cellphones—believes that companies like Amazon and Sony have it all wrong. The future of digital reading, says Sinker, is the cellphone, not dedicated reading devices like the Kindle and the Sony Reader.


I"d be curious to see how this is. There's an Amazon Kindle App for the IPhone - does anyone have it?


What's trending right now? Taken from Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner's Blog.

Memoir is out unless you're famous.
Chick lit is dead.
Literary fiction doesn't sell.
Nobody wants books over 100k words.

Chick Lit had a good run and I don't think it's that dead, but quite honestly, I never read it. I do know a bunch of literary agents are sticklers for word counts. Especially with new authors who aren't so proven or tested. I can't comment on Memoir writing, it is simply not my forte.


I'm getting in touch with my romantic roots. So what inspires my romantic muse? My Juno? I like international settings. I think that's why I enjoyed Mona's book so much. My book, "The Wolf's Torment" is setting in Constanta, which is in Romania on the coast of the Black Sea. My current novel I'm working on takes place in Budapest Hungary. I'm getting a flash a inspiration. Most all know how to write, so I'm going to back off tips and stragetries, per se, and look for inspirational posts. And inspiration can be found anywhere - the sea, a river, a gently running brook, flowers, wine, stars, a castle, music, yes, inspiration can be found in some of the most obvious places and some not so obvious places.


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